California Pizza Kitchen gets a fresh new look!



CPK gets a fresh new look

California Pizza Kitchen has revamped their look, added some great new menu items while still keeping all the yummy favorites. The kids and I were invited to a media event where we got to take a look at all the new stuff as well as taste the great new items. No longer is it just pizza and salads. They have delicious new entrees that will knock your socks off!


The new look inside is clean, organic and fresh. All new pictures from around California adorn the walls. The tables and chairs are more modern and the whole restaurant feels like I can come in, kick off my shoes and have a glass of wine before embarking on a delicious culinary experience.

California Pizza Kitchen kids

To start off with the kids got an AMAZING tour around the kitchen and got to make their own pizza’s! Which is awesome because they could put whatever they wanted on their pizza and I knew they would eat it. Rylee put pineapple on her pizza and Erik put bacon on his. They were also taught how to throw the pizza dough up in the air. Here are 2 videos I shot. One of the chef tossing the dough and 1 of Erik tossing the dough. Erik did pretty good I thought!


California Pizza Kitchen new drinks

There are several new drinks on their new menu and I got to try a few. I tried the Berry Sparkler, California Crush, Blood Orange Sangria and the Blueberry Ginger Smash (not pictured). Out of the ones I tried the Blood Orange Sangria was my favorite. It was SUPER flavorful and refreshing.


California Pizza Kitchen salads and starters

Now normally when I go to California Pizza Kitchen I get the BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad and the Avocado Egg Rolls. Today though, since this was a media event I got to try a whole bunch of new items that I normally would never had tried. I got to try the new Harvest Kale Salad, the Brussels and Bacon Flatbread and the Smoked Ham and Swiss Flatbread. And hen because I had mentioned that I loved the BBQ Chicken Chopped they brought one of those as well. Still my favorite but I am beginning to see some signs that I might not order it every time now.


California Pizza Kitchen new dishes_look

We got try the Hearth Roasted Halibut (yep it’s cooked on a cedar plank in the pizza oven) with butternut squash Farro and grilled asparagus. The Roasted Garlic Chicken with fingerling potatoes and rosted brussel sprouts and cauliflower. The Sunnyside up Bacon and Potato pizza and then the piece of resistance. No it wasn’t the lid to the Krazy Glue! YOU GUYS!!!!! THE RIB EYE STEAK IS TO DIE FOR!! It’s the Fire Grilled Rib Eye with Blue Cheese butter, roasted fingerling potatoes and lemon garlic arugula. This dish I believe is my new go to dish. It was so good I dreamed about it that night.


California Pizza Kitchen desserts_look

Here is another place that I always order the same thing. I always order the Salted Caramel Pudding. It comes in a cute little jar and is topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle. It’s delicious! But then I tried the Butter Cake. So anything that has butter in it is good in my book and this is no different. This cake was the best cake I have ever eaten! I will be ordering this one as well. The S’mores was the last one we tried and it was like sitting around the campfire and making S’mores but without all the work.

California Pizza Kitchen is one of my all time favorite places to eat and let me tell you they have only made it better. I now have so many more choices to choose from and I know that everything I have will always be fresh and delicious.


Erin Potter

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