New Chicken Pomodori Panini at Corner Bakery

Chicken Pomodori Panini


One of my favorite places to eat is Corner Bakery. Corner Bakery specializes in baked goods but they have the most amazing meals. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner you can always find a good meal. There is so much variety, the food is cooked fresh and the ingredients are the best quality. They also have kids meals that the kids actually eat! I am a big fan of their Panini sandwiches so the other day when I went in to Corner Bakery to have lunch with my daughter I was so excited to see they had a new one. I didn’t even hesitate. I ordered it immediately!


Chicken Pomodori Panini insides

The sandwich came piping hot and when I took a bite the flavors literally burst in my mouth! It was like an Italian explosion! The All Natural roasted chicken was actual chicken…cut from the bone ….not processed slices. The oven-roasted tomatoes were seasoned to perfection and the provolone cheese was ooey gooey! I love their pesto mayo and the basil and spinach perfected the look and taste. I would have to categorize this sandwich as Yumalicious! (That’s Yummy and Delicious in one word…I made it up…..but it’s a perfect word for this sandwich!) The sandwich of course came with Corner Bakery’s very own potato chips and a pickle slice. I washed it down with their Black Currant Iced Tea which is another one of my favorites.

Chicken Pomodori Panini dessert

And you can’t forget dessert. They have THE best sugar cookies and now they are very festive for the holidays with pretty red sprinkles. So head on down to Corner Bakery to try their new Chicken Pomodori Panini. You will not be disappointed!

Head on over to their website and check out their video on their new Panini:

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