CPK is making waves in Westwood

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CPK is making waves in Westwood

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) has began to write the “Next Chapter” in their brand’s story with the launch of an expanded menu and by transforming the look and feel of their restaurants nationwide.  Lucky for us they started right here in California, even better in Westwood – home of UCLA college, Westwood Village, historic motion picture theaters, and so much more.

On a recent visit, when you enter the newly re-imagined CPK location in Westwood you feel like you are stepping into a completely new restaurant.  Don’t worry they still have the yellow and black original logo and color scheme but it is incorporated with a very warm, inviting and rather upscale atmosphere.  They have added a natural or rustic look to the place with the use of reclaimed wood, recycled materials and natural herb garden.  CPK states that sustainable materials are the guiding factor of this “next chapter”.  I personally think that the artwork on the walls is the best touch.  They feature local landmarks to give the restaurant a neighborhood feel. Gone is the boxy restaurant seating and in with the open flexible seating arrangements.

hostest Bar
open interior interior 1

local art

Look great right? CPK says that with this “next chapter” they will also introduce few new menu items, some seasonal dishes, locally sourced ingredients and globally inspired flavors.

As will all my reviews, I must note that I am gluten free and CPK does not have a gluten free kitchen. Only the pizza is GIG certified. They offer some dishes that can be made gluten free.  HOWEVER, please don’t just take my word and eat away, each of our tolerance to gluten is different. Talk to a manager.

Appetizers – no new items at this time in the Westwood location so we went with our favorites

Fresh Bread Avocado Club Egg Rolls
bread egg rolls

Spinach Artichoke Dip


Main Dishes – We came ready to taste all the new items. Though the reviews were a bit mixed on the Fire-Grilled Ribeye, the new dishes are worth a taste. Besides CPK now has a Menu Adventure Guarantee: If a guest tries a new dish and is not satisfied, it will be replaced with his or her favorite item from the CPK menu. You can’t lose.

Seasonally Inspired: California Fields Salad Roasted Garlic Chicken + Seasonal Vegetables(can be made GF)
salad chicken
NEW: Fire-Grilled Ribeye Hearth-Roasted Halibut
steak Halibut

Kid Pepperoni Pizza

Ok not everyone was adventurous, but hey the child knows what she loves and goes with it.

CEO, G.J. Hart said “We are upping our game with this transformation, which we call The Next Chapter. Taking the best of our history and soul and innovating to make it current for today’s sophisticated guest, the new look, menu and experience creates a space to relax and unwind in a welcoming neighborhood environment.” To be honest, this food addict tends to agree with him.

Find your next chapter location here

New Menu

My family was pleased with the new look and menu, hope yours is too!

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