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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Drive Me Cookie.

Last Saturday my daughter Rylee turned 3. We always have big parties with lots of food and cake and ice cream. I am not a huge cake fan so I am always looking for something else other than cake. We have done an ice cream bar, cupcakes and a candy bar. But then I found these guys!! They are called Drive Me Cookie and they come to your party, bake cookies in their own customized van and then serve them to your guests!


Drive Me Cookie the Van

The van is a customized Mercedes Sprinter complete with fridge, Freezer, sinks, oven and storage. They bake the cookies right in the van on site so they come out hot and fresh every time! The dough is made in their kitchen located in Costa Mesa and then they bring it out on the road in this bitchen van!


Drive Me Cookie box of cookies

The cookies that are available are Tera’s Best (Classic Chocolate Chip), Miss May (Oatmeal Raisin), Mac Doodle (Snickerdoodle), Oatcho (Oatmeal Chocolate Chip), The Goth (Double Chewy Chocolate), and The Tree Hugger (Gluten Free/Vegan chocolate chip). They also serve ice cold milk with any cookie order.

Drive Me Cookie single cookies

Here are a couple of the cookies close up. They were delicious, crispy on the edges and moist and chewy in the middle. The Tree Hugger was one of the best Gluten-Free cookies I have ever tasted! It tasted EXACTLY like a regular chocolate chip cookie. I don’t know how they did it but it didn’t taste Gluten-Free at all!

Drive Me Cookie Sandies

They also make Sandies which are 2 of their cookies with whatever ice cream you want in the middle. You get to pick the cookies and the ice cream! The ice cream flavors they had were vanilla, chocolate, mint chip (the green kind) and coffee. They are also thinking of bringing on strawberry ice cream which I thought would be fantastic with The Goth! Like a chocolate covered strawberry!


Drive Me Cookie the guys and me

The guys that own and run the company are fantastic! Kohlman Verheyen is the Doughmander-in-Chief and Taylor McSunas is the Chief Cookie Doughveloper. When they pulled up Taylor got out and set up Cornhole (the game) and Kohlman started in on the baking.

Drive Me Cookie the people

Once my party guests knew that the cookie truck was there they could hardly wait! They formed a line almost immediately even though they knew the cookies had to still bake. A few of them played Cornhole and some of them talked. When Taylor let us know the cookies were ready people started giving their orders to Kohlman.

Drive Me Cookie the birthday girl

Rylee got a Tera’s Best Sandie which we put candles in and sang her Happy Birthday. She was in heaven and so was I. Drive Me Cookie brings a little bit of heaven to your party (and the guys are pretty nice to look at too 😉 )

Drive Me Cookie Social Media

If you want to follow drive me cookie check them out on social media as well as their website They do weddings, birthday parties, corporate events etc. They also just deliver cookies if you are in need of a cookie fix.

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