Aliso Viejo Coffee & Donut


In a search for the best breakfast burrito in Aliso Viejo I recently came across Aliso Coffee and Donut.. They are located in a strip mall with ample parking and lots of outside seating with shade. They recently updated their menu so everything in the store looks fresh and they have a lot of photos  showing the menu items in detail.


Not only do they have donuts, but they have muffins, bagels sandwiches, burritos and tacos. I have had their bagel with lox and it was so delicious. They don’t skimp on the salmon and the avocado was fresh and ripe.


They also have a very impressive selection of Coffee. If you like frapaccinos they have those too!


Any restaurant with fountain soda is a winner for me! The bonus is they have fountain juices too!


They also sell individual bottles of milk, juice, water etc. There is such a huge selection to choose from.


But the best menu item of all in my opinion are their breakfast burritos. These made to order beauties are so addicting. What I love about them is they are stuffed with home made potatoes.  The eggs are fluffy and the ham and/or bacon is perfectly cooked. They serve it with a side of salsa that actually has quite a kick to it. It is a bit too spicy for my taste so I prefer to eat these burritos with ketchup.

Aliso Coffee and Donut is located at:

27782 Aliso Creek Road Aliso Viejo CA 92656..

You can find them on their facebook page at:

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