The Bistango Terrace is an outdoor oasis

Bistango Terrace

Melodi and I had the pleasure of attending a Media tasting for Bistago’s Terrace menu. Bistango offers an artful New American cuisine and is located in the award winning Atrium Building in Irvine, CA. They have indoor dining, an extensive bar with an award winning wine list with over 400 varieties of wine and nightly live entertainment with a dance floor.

BISTANGO TERRACE offers artful New American cuisine in the award-winning Atrium 

Bistango Terrace Erin and Melodi

The Terrace is a full service patio with comfortable furniture, heat lamps and a large water feature. It comfortable and relaxing. It’s a great place to hang out with friends or pick an intimate spot in the corner for you and one other.

Bistango Terrace Menu 1

We got to taste several items off their Terrace menu. My personal favorite was the Spicy Ahi Poke. It was perfect sushi grade Ahi and the wonton chips were perfect to pair with it. The Hummus was seasoned to perfection and the ceviche was decadent!

Bistango Terrace Menu 2

Next we got to try the Souvlaki Greek Marinated Beef Kabobs which were to die for! They were super tender. Melodi loved the Lamb Sliders which had Brandied Balsamic Cherries and goat cheese on them. These unusual ingredients made for one great dish. The Grilled Fish Tacos were a combination of sweet and spicy and the Chili Marinated Shrimp were really good. Erin doesn’t like shrimp and even she liked them!

The Terrace is open during the summer and will most likely be open until October since our weather has been so good. Ray Sanjii is the general manager and he has been there for 27 years. He was the one who made this a business power lunch destination and is now transforming it into a place with a great night life. They are even open to weddings and large parties.

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