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Located in the popular and trendy outdoor Mall “Bella Terra”, Bondi Grill House is Huntington Beach’s answer to a modern fusion restaurant. The food flavor pulls on influences from South Africa and Australia and they serve ribs that are secretly sauced and seared.

Bondi Interior

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Bondi’s interior is  fresh, natural and modern. It has a good mix of raw woods and metal and there is a communal table situated at the center with booths lined along the walls. Various TV’s along the walls in the restaurant make it perfect to watch a game.

Bondi Food


As a first time visitor to the restaurant last week, I have to say the Menus at Bondi are honestly to coolest menus I think I have ever seen. They are metal folding accordion style menus that can stand up or lay flat. They are very universal.


We started off our night by trying some of their tea and lemonade. I had the lavender hibiscus pomegranate lemonade and my husband had the Elderflower iced tea. While the lemonade was a bit on the tart side the iced tea was a perfect thirst quencher. It didn’t even need any sweetner.

Since I was dining with my husband this evening and we both love seafood, we decided to order the Peri-Peri prawns as an appetizer. These giant , plump shrimps were my favorite entrée from the whole night. If you are wondering what Per-Peri is, it’s a seasoning or marinade cooked from crushed chillies, citrus peel, onion, garlic, pepper, salt, lemon juice, bay leaves, paprika, pimento, basil, oregano, and tarragon. With just enough heat, this dish will tantalize your taste buds without burning your mouth. The rice pilaf is a welcome addition as it soaks up some of the sauce and you get the flavor of peri peri sauce in every bite.


We also tried some of the garlic bread, which also made a good utensil for soaking up some of the delicious peri-peri sauce on the prawns.  It had a nice light crunch on the outside and a great fluff on the inside. It is pre cut into slices and the garlic herb butter is brushed between every slice.

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For our main entrees we both ordered a meat item. My husband got the Millionaire’s burger but wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. There are several gluten-free options here for those that need it. His burger was juicy and tender and the bacon crispy. All burgers at Bondi are made with a half-pound of premium certified Angus Beef, 100% vegetarian fed, hormone and antibiotic free.

The fries were cooked to a perfectly golden crisp and served in a cute little frying basket.

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I had the half rack of Bondisaurus ribs and found them to be lean and flavorful. There was hardly any fat and I thoroughly appreciated how they weren’t drenched in BBQ sauce. The sauce the ribs were basted in was tangy with  a hint of sweetness so that it didn’t overpower the flavor of the pork.


Although we were too full for dessert I was told they have a very special dish called caramel sticky date pudding. Someone sitting next to us had ordered it and the presentation looked amazing. It is a moist warm bundt cake that is topped with a scoop of fine vanilla ice cream, served with a side of whipped cream and laid on top of a puddle of salty caramel sauce with raspberry swirls.

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