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Last week I tried a new burger joint in town called Burger Boss in Mission Viejo. This new location is located in a strip mall off Rancho Santa Margarita parkway and has a lot of convenient parking. The best part about Burger Boss is that the entire experience is customizable.

Upon entering you will notice several kiosks along the wall. This is where you can place your order which will cut down on wait time.

How To Boss Your Burger

Step 1. First,  choose your protein that you want, which can range from beef (double or single), black bean, chicken, and turkey.

Step 2. Next, you choose your bun: white kaiser, wheat grain, gluten-free (+$1.49), lettuce wrap, or lettuce bowl.

Step 3. After that, you choose your cheese, which is an extra $0.99. You can choose from yellow american, sharp cheddar, aged swiss, pepper jack, dolce provolone, bleu crumble, and smoked gouda.

Step 4. After that, choose your sauce: heinz ketchup, yellow mustard, honey/spicy dijon, mayo (regular, garlic herb, or chipotle), bbq, sweet chili, teriyaki, buttermilk ranch, A1 steak sauce, 1000 island, cajun buffalo, sriracha sauce. I got the sweet chili to dip my fries into which I personally really liked.

All of their beef is Grassfed

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Have you ever questioned what you are putting into your body? Guests can feel good that all of the beef at Burger boss is  grassfed, and not grainfed.

The Burgers

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This burger was bossed with grilled onions, cheddar cheese, lettuce and avocado. They have some of the prettiest avocados i have ever seen. The burger was lean, juicy and prepared just the way my friend liked it!

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I bossed my own burger with gouda cheese, pickles, lettuce, olives and avocado. I was shocked when the server brought it to me because i have never seen a restaurant serve green olives on a burger. Green olives are my absolute favorite so I was very excited to take a bite. Next time I am going to try blue cheese on my burger!!

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My son likes his burgers pretty simple so he got a cheese burger with turkey bacon on top. I  was slightly hesitant about him liking it, but it turned out he absolutely loved it!!!! I asked them why they don’t serve regular bacon and the answer is totally in line with the standards of the restaurant. Regular bacon has too many nitrates, and turkey is leaner and has less calories.

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This is a happy kid who loves his bossed burger! He had messy hair but didn’t  care. And Ketchup all over his face but it didn’t matter because his burger was Ace!

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Lastly, we had some bossed fries with cheddar cheese and turkey bacon.  I ordered them with a side of sweet chili sauce and garlic herb mayonnaise for dipping purposes. They were simply incredible!

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Scott Shaffstall, owner of GenNow Agency, created this slogan in partnership with Ashley Carty, owner of Carty Media Group, for the restaurant. It is a true testament to the Burger Boss mission.

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So what are you waiting for? Get out their and #bossyourburger!

Burger boss Mission Viejo is located at : 27690-B Santa Margarita Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Phone Number: (949) 916-1212

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