Calivino Wine Pub in Anaheim


Calivino Wine Pub

Date night to Calivino! Our first time there and had no idea what to expect. This little gem is right next to the Angel’s Stadium in the same lot as Hooters. It is on the small side, but don’t let that fool you! This place packs a big punch in terms of flavorful food.


Calivino has several craft beers to choose from! I am one who enjoys good beer!! I had a taste of 3 beers. This is called the “Flight” on the menu. You get to choose 3 beers and you are served a few ounces of each on a cute little tray that has a chalkboard area.


Our server, Trina, wrote each beer’s name under each glass. That is very helpful if you are tasting beers that look the same but taste very different. I had asked for all light colored beers as I’m not a big fan of dark beers. Trina told me that she wasn’t a fan of dark beers either, but suggested I try the Peanut Butter Stout. I’m glad I went with her suggestion. It was a very tasty beer! It almost tasted like a combo of coffee and root beer. It may not sound like a good combo, but it was! I also tasted the Ballest Point Pale Ale. This was a smooth beer and comparable to most pale ales. My favorite of the three I tried was Le Terroir Sour Ale. It was like lemonade with a kick!


We ordered a few appetizers. Brussels sprouts with pork belly and honey mustard. I had never had pork belly before. The best way to describe it is like “bacon steak”. This was a very good appetizer. The amount served was probably enough for 4-6 people. I would definitely order this again!


We also ordered Spinach Wontons. Inside the crispy shell was, of course, spinach, but also a creamy garlic and parmesan sauce! These little guys are amazing. Seriously, these are a “must order” when visiting Calivino!


The last of the appetizers we ordered were French Fries. They are steak cut fries with rosemary. They are served with the standard ketchup as well as spicy aioli sauce. The fries were great in the aioli sauce was great too. If you are visiting Calivino for a few appetizers and drinks, the fries are a good thing to order. If you are there to order a meal, such as a burger, fries come with your meal.


For our meals we ordered the Pork Belly Burger and the Lamb Burger. I went out on a limb ordering these two items. I suppose I’m a creature of habit when it comes to eating. I’m not one to be adventurous with food. When I order a burger, I like the typical beef burger with some cheese, ketchup and mustard. Maybe some lettuce and onion, that’s about as crazy as I get. Well, the food adventure bug bit me at this restaurant! The pork belly burger is made up of a chuck/brisket patty with the pork belly, Gouda and garlic on top. I must say, it was a very good combo of flavors!! It was very juicy! The lamb burger was also extremely juicy and not gamey at all. It was served with a hint of mint, garlic, onion jam and gremolata yogurt. You have the option of choosing a salad in place of fries which is what I did with my lamb burger order.


For dessert, we had the molten chocolate lava cake! What can I say, I’m a chocolate lover and this did not disappoint!!! The whipped cream that came along side, was so creamy that I could have eaten spoonfuls of that alone!!


I would highly recommend checking this little gem out. There are a few lounge type areas to sit at if you’re there just for a few drinks and an appetizer. Or choose from a high top or low top table or even the bar. They’ll make you feel at home where we you choose to sit! Calivino is great for date night, a time to catch up with friends or even just to grab a drink!

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