Churned Creamery in Tustin

This is a guest post by Rachel Trotter on behalf of Churned Creamery.



Churned Creamery

Just inside the Union Market in Tustin is a wonderful new treasure: Churned Creamery! With a combination of fresh ingredients, inventive flavors and new technology, this is a whole new spin on ice cream!

First off, this is not your typical ice cream.  When you walk up you will notice that the ice cream at Churned is not sitting in cardboard barrels in a freezer.  For those of us who are ice cream aficionados, you know that ice cream, if kept too cold, freezes your tastebuds and you can’t actually taste any flavor.  At Churned, each flavor is sitting in its own double barrel churner intermittently being churned.  This new technology keeps the ice cream at the perfect temperature for flavor. Bonus:  you don’t have to struggle to scoop it because it is softened just enough!


Another thing that sets Churned apart is their flavors! There are a wide variety of flavors from sorbets of Red Grapefruit to ice creams of Black Cookie (think Oreos), Vanilla Chip, Cotton Candy, and Salted Butter Caramel Toffee.


But wait, here is the kicker: the Crocream.  Yes, the Crocream!  What is it?  Churned takes warmed sugared croissants and then stuffs, tops and dusts it with the flavors of your choice. This one was fruition of my sons imagination.  Salted Butter Caramel Toffee, chocolate sauce, caramel and M&M’s with a slight dusting of powdered sugar. Talk about indulgence!  Warm sweet layers of croissant and cold creamy ice cream.  Yes please!



While you are there, don’t skip over their handmade Tahitian Vanilla cones.  They are surprisingly black and pair perfectly with, my personal fave, the Black Cookie ice cream.  It’s rich, thick, creamy and cool and so satisfying!

Try a little walk on the wild side the next time you get ice cream!

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