Claim Jumper Weekend Breakfast Menu including The Mammoth

There are times when a dining experience really blows me away. One where I literally need a nap, and a wheelbarrow to get out of the restaurant. One where I cannot eat dinner, or lunch (depending on the meal) and where I need to wear stretch pants for a few days after. Recently, I had one of those experiences.

It happened at Claim Jumper. They now serve breakfast on weekend mornings from 9 AM to noon. You can get things like Sriracha candied bacon, Smore‘s pancakes, carrot cake french toast and more. Allow me to show you what we dined on:


The first thing that caught my eye on the menu was this blood orange mimosa. It comes with Absolut Mandrin Vodka, Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur, sparkling wine and blood orange juice. You even get a split so you can refill  as often as you like until the bottle runs out!

For those that don’t want to partake in festivities first thing in the morning, there is coffee for you. It comes in a beautiful clear mug with the Claim Jumper logo on it.

Next up is bacon!!! But not just any ol’ bacon. This is like presidential bacon. Cream of the crop bacon. It’s called “cowboy candied bacon” and it will make your mouth water. Sweet and spicy, maple glazed, thick-sliced bacon with a tiny little kick of sriracha. It’s quite possible your eyes may roll into the back of your head.

The Mammoth

The Mammoth is unlike any breakfast you have ever had. It is advised not to try this alone. This entree is best when shared with a large group. We were a party of 4 and could barely finish this. A lazy susan is topped with Four eggs, six pancakes, French toast, eggs benedict, country fried steak, bacon, sausage, hash browns. All for just 29.99.

Enjoy high protein meats.

Fluffy carbs that taste great with ketchup.

Pillowy Pancakes so soft you can lay your head on them. But be careful….The delicious butter and sweet syrup might get in the way.

The french toast is amazing but if you are a die-hard french toast person, I suggest trying the CARROT CAKE FRENCH TOAST. It comes with two carrot cake wedges, mandarin oranges, toffee pecans, cream cheese frosting .

Chicken fried steak is a crowd pleaser on the Mammoth platter as well as the eggs Benedict. Want to see some really delicious yolk? Check out my video.

Sexy Eggs Benedict

See The Mammoth in Action

S’mores Pancake

My daughters eyes say it all. The S’mores pancake is very exciting because it is loaded with  buttermilk chocolate chips , marshmallows,  and chocolate fudge . It is enormous and absolutely requires more than 1 person to eat it. We took most of ours home.

Seafood Scrambler

Seafood lovers rejoice! The seafood scrambler is the freshest thing you have ever had straight from the sea. No joke it is probably the best egg dish I have ever had. This scrambler is loaded with  treasures like a Hash brown base, and topped with decadent and might I add plump shrimp,  tender crab, scrambled eggs, feta, jack cheese, tomato hollandaise sauce, toast.

So let me ask you. Are you drooling yet?

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