Claim Jumper night was a success!

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Melodi and I had the privilege of attending the Tip-A-Cop fundraiser last week. It was held at several different Claim Jumper’s located in cities across Southern California. We went to the one in Mission Viejo. Tip-A-Cop events are part of the Law Enforcement Torch Run®, which is one of the largest fundraising arms of Special Olympics. Their goal is to raise thousands of dollars to help the Special Olympics. Besides helping out in the restaurant there was a Police car outside that the kids were loving! The cops let them get in the drivers seat and turn on the lights and sirens. The expressions on those kids faces were priceless!



Claim Jumper Tip-a-cop front table ladies

When we entered the restaurant the first people we saw were these lovely ladies right here. They were answering any questions the customers had, taking donations and giving out prizes. For a $10 donation you got a cool pair of light up glasses and for a $20 donation you got an awesome T-shirt.

Claim Jumper Tip-a-cop cop serving

As we were led to our table I saw cops serving food, cops seating people and cops passing out donation envelopes. I bet Claim Jumper was the safest restaurant in all of California that night!

Claim Jumper Tip-a-cop Alex and Ashley

When we got to our table we were approached by our waitress and waiter. Ashley was our waitress who works for Claim Jumper. Alex was our waiter who is an athlete in the Special Olympics. So not only were the cops there working there were the athletes too!! I asked Alex what he competed in and he told me Basketball, Softball and Floor Hockey. I was so impressed by him and how he doesn’t let anything stop him from doing the things he loves.

Claim Jumper Tip-a-cop Salad Bar

We were able to sit right by the salad bar which is one of my favorites! Several years ago they started to remove the Salad Bars from their restaurants but manager Jordan Moews told us they were starting to put them all back in. Hooray!!


Claim Jumper Tip-a-cop drinks

Ashley and Alex took our drink order first. I ordered the Black Cherry Hurricane and Melodi ordered the Fireball Orchard. My drink tasted exactly like a cherry sucker. It was so good! Super sweet just the way I like it. When they sat Melodi’s drink down on the table you could smell the Fireball right away! I tasted hers and it was a perfect blend of Fireball and Apple Liqueur. Not too sweet which is perfect for her.

Claim Jumper Tip-a-cop appetizer, salad and main dishes

steak3potato skins

Then we ordered the following: Potato Skins with Ranch and Sour Cream dip, Salad Bar (of course), Filet Mignon covered in blue cheese butter (wait…what….so fantastic!) with Green Beans and a Onion Ring garnish and The Tri Tip Dip covered in Gruyere Cheese and Grilled Onions with a side of their famous French Fries. Yuuummmmm O! We thought we were going to pop from the amount of scrumptious food we had when Melodi said “I wonder how big the Worlds Smallest Sundae is?”

Claim Jumper Tip-a-cop Worlds smallest Sundae

Well for Claim Jumper it’s pretty small but for the rest of us it’s a perfect size scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream with Hot Fudge, Whipped Cream and a Cherry. Melodi and I had to share one though….because we were already stuffed!

So as we rolled ourselves out of there, stuffed to the gills, we dropped off our donation at the front table. We had a great meal, had awesome girl time and helped a great cause!

Tip-A-Cop events are part of the Law Enforcement Torch Run®, which is one of the largest fundraising arms of Special Olympics. All tips are tax-deductible and support sports training and competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. For more information, visit or

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