Eat Light At Night With Salata



Eat Light At Night With Salata

As a mom with a hectic schedule there are often times I don’t even eat dinner until 8:00pm at night. Sure, I feed the kids before all their sports but I typically don’t have a chance to sit down and enjoy my meal. And who wants to eat a huge meal at 8pm before bed? Thankfully Salata has a new program called “EatLight At Night”.

From Sept. 8 to Oct. 20, club members will receive a variety of discounts including free items, complimentary protein upgrades and add-ons. And for any guests signing up for the club, they’ll automatically receive a buy one, get one free salad and salad wrap offer in addition to the “Eat Light at Night” offers. To sign up for Salata’s mobile club, just simply text “Salata” to 777111.

If you are wondering what Salata is, it is an awesome Salad Bar in Santa Ana near the airport with more options than you can imagine.  Salata’s concept is very simple. Customers build their own custom-made salad at a flat price. There are no extra charges for certain toppings  (except for meats, and seafood).  A veggie salad is $8 ( $2 more with chicken and $3 more with seafood) . Avocado is an extra $1. Wraps are a little less. There are also a few soups like tortilla, broccoli and tomato basil soup. Believe me when I tell you the salads are ginormous!

First you start at the beginning of the line and choose your lettuce.


Then you pick from a variety of fruits and veggies, beans, olives and cheeses.


Then you choose your protein if you want. They have chicken, shrimp, salmon and more!

salata6 salata7

And you have yourself a gorgeous salad! Custom made exactly how YOU want it! You have a choice of many dressings as well.


Then you can add some soup and bread. Their tomato basil is really good! Add some bacon pieces to it for extra flavor.


And finally there is dessert.  They make fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.


I took my two twelve year old boys to grab a bite after baseball and tennis practice and both of them were very pleased with the portion size and the selection. And these boys can eat!


Salata is located at: 2 Hutton Center Drive #102  Santa Ana, CA 92707


For more information visit Salata on Yelp.

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