Elbows Mac N Cheese is Ooey Gooey Yumminess!

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One of my favorite foods as a kid……ok let’s be honest….even now as an adult is Mac N Cheese. That signature blue box makes my heart go pitter patter because I LOVE MAC N CHEESE!! OK see I said it….that’s the first step right? SO when I heard about Elbows Mac N Cheese I could not believe my ears! A place dedicated to one of my favorite foods?? YES PLEASE!! I called my little sister Keri up and frantically told her about this place and how we needed to go check it out…right now! She did not hesitate because she also loves those al dente noodles smothered in creamy cheese.

Elbows Mac N Cheese interior

We went to the store in Cerritos (they also have one in Brea) and when we walked in it was bright, fresh and clean. We were greeted by Donnell who was SUPER cool. He told us that Elbows was created to blend the classic American home cooking with gourmet international inspiration. They not only have Mac N Cheese but they also have salads, soups, melts and pizza. But we were there for the MAC!


Elbows Mac N Cheese skillets

Keri and I decided to order 4 different flavors. We wanted to try a few of the flavors from around the world but also our original 4 Cheese Mac. Now I don’t want to toot our own horn but Keri and I do consider ourselves Mac N Cheese aficionados so we were hoping Elbows Mac N Cheese lived up to our standards. We got our drinks and sat down to wait. We did have to wait a few more minutes than your normal fast food fair because these were all made to order. They do not have pots of mac n cheese sitting in the back. They make the individual servings in ceramic skillets baked to perfection.

Elbows Mac N Cheese

OK so here are the flavors we got:

  • More Cheese 4 Me (Their signature macaroni with a blend of 4 aged italian cheeses)
  • When Pigs Fly (Swiss and Guyere cheese with applewood smoked bacon)
  • Do you want a Pizza me (mozzarella cheese, Italian herbs and spices topped with marinara and more mozzarella with a choice of pepperoni or mixed veggies)
  • Living Fajita Loca (Southwestern flavors in a sharp cheddar and pepper jack macaroni, topped with fire roasted peppers and grilled onions. You can add chicken, steak or shrimp)

Can i just tell you that this is some of the best mac n cheese we have ever had? Their signature 4 cheese mac is phenomenal! The kids will absolutely love the pizza one and my hubby will devour the fajita flavor! I was so super impressed!

Elbows Mac N Cheese Keri

As we were eating another employee kept coming to check on us. Her name was Serena and she got us anything we wanted. It was almost like being at a sit down restaurant. She would walk the floor every so often and ask us along with the other patrons what we needed. It was fantastic. Oh and that is Keri totally enjoying the Do you want a Pizza me. 🙂

Elbows Mac N Cheese Beignets

Getting close to the end of our meal Donnell came over and asked if we were ready for dessert. Of course we were! He let us know they make fresh Beignets, covered in powdered sugar topped with chocolate. Of course we couldn’t turn this down and of course they were amazing and of course we cleaned the plate!!!!

I cannot tell you how highly I recommend this place. They have some of the most amazing Mac N Cheese I have ever had. The staff is gracious, the restaurant clean and the food speaks for itself.

To learn more about Elbows Mac N Cheese go to their website: http://www.elbowsmacncheese.com

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