Family Values Menu at Stone Fire Grill

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Family Values Menu at Stone Fire Grill


Going out to eat as a family is expensive. And as kids get older they no longer want to share, and their appetites get bigger, which means more money. At Stonefire Grill Stonefire Grill they understand the desire of families in need of a great meal at a reasonable price.


Recently, they introduced a new family values menu where you can get lunch specials for only $7. I can’t even pick up lunch at the grocery store for that price!!!

On a recent media visit we sampled a variety of menu items that were all very tasty.

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First up was the salmon salad with salmon and breadsticks! The salmon was light and flakey and paired very well with the dressing. I loved that the salad was not too saturated and the breadsticks were a perfect match!

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Next up was the BBQ chopped salad. This salad tastes great with cool ranch dressing.


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You can pair any of their salads with a Chicken Tortilla soup. This is different from a clear broth tortilla soup  because it is served much creamier and richer, similar to a gazpacho, but warm,

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Perhaps my favorite meal they offer is the petite chicken breast with salad or breadstick. Wow, this has a lemon pepper flavor and is so tender and moist.

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I actually cut up the chicken and put some of it in the pesto pasta which is another amazing choice. the pesto sauce is creamy and not over powering.

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If you want something filling try the 9′ pizza paired with a salad. the dough is delicious and if it’s for kids you will probably have enough to take home!

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They also have a variety of sandwiches you can choose from: BBQ chicken wrap. pulled pork or BBQ beef. I had  the pork and the beef and both had great flavor points. The meat was tender and marinated.

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Leave room for dessert too because they have some killer carrot cake. The best I  have had in years! Oh, and cheesecake too! Your welcome!

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Stone Fire Grill

3966 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92606

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