Four Course Festa Italiana



Olive Garden’s new Four Course Festa Italiana is a fantastic deal. Starting at just $12.99 guests can indulge in a meal fit for a king. I recently visited my local Olive Garden to try it out and started off with a bowl full of unlimited fresh salad and bread sticks.  Did you know you can purchase their salad dressing online? Just click here.


Their buttery, garlic-scented and chewy breadsticks are so addictive! It’s a good thing they only put 3 at a time in the basket or I would be too full for my main meal.


After your first course you can choose your second course from one of three appetizers. Chicken Meatballs, Crispy Risotto Bites or Roasted Garlic Hummus. I love risotto and my waiter really raved about them so I gave it a go and I am so glad I did. They were excellent. These fried little rice balls were crispy in the outside and delicate and soft on the inside. They tasted great dipped in marinara sauce.

For your main entree you can pick from 6 different dishes.

I enjoy some protein with my pasta so I chose the smoked mozzerella chicken with penne pasta. I loved how this dish was a little cheesy and a little creamy. The chicken was delicious and paired well with the sun dried tomatoes.


For your fourth and final course you pick from a decadent dolcini. If you can decide on just one, you can pick a Dark Chocolate Caramel Cream, Limoncello, Strawberry & White Chocolate, Chocolate Mousse,  or Amaretto Tiramisu. I am a die hard chocolate fan and chose the chocolate mousse. There is crushed oreos at the bottom of the glass and the mousse is finely whipped with chocolate shavings on top. What is there not to like? As a matter of fact next time I come back I am starting with dessert.


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