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Celebrate Your Birthday At Fresh Brothers Pizza

How much fun does a birthday pIzza party sound? The kind where kids can get their hands into some pizza dough and make their own delicious creations. Well, now they can at Fresh Brothers Pizza in Newport Beach!

For your child’s birthday let Fresh Brothers throw a party like no other– the fresh and original Make Your Own Pizza Birthday Party! Fresh Brothers birthday parties are fun and provide a great and creative experience for children. The ingredients are all very fresh and tasty.image001-7

What is included in a Fresh Brothers Party?

The fun begins with each child getting a Fresh Brothers pizza box, plus stickers, markers and crayons to decorate it.  Everybody gets the dough to play with plus a one-of-a-kind “I Made My Own at Fresh Brothers” t-shirt.

Next, they make their own kid-size pizzas.  They can start their creations by loading on the Fresh Kids Special Sauce, a mix of finely-ground veggies blended into the sauce.  It’s a secret, kids don’t even know it’s in there.  They can top their pizzas with any number of ingredients of their choice.  Then off into the oven the pizzas go, and when they are ready, Fresh Brothers brings them out in the boxes the kids decorated. The children will be so proud of the pizzas they made themselves!

What about allergies?

A nut-free restaurant, Fresh Brothers also offers many vegan options.  It can accommodate children who eat gluten-free, preparing gluten-free pizzas in accordance with the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness Great Kitchens protocol.

How much does it cost?

Party packages start at $250 for 12 children.  Costs then vary depending on the amount of children and the various add-ons.  Add on options include apron and cupcake decorating, face painting and balloon artists.  Princesses and other characters are also available for more fun.

If you book your party at Fresh Brothers; Harbor View Center: 1616 San Miguel Drive;

Newport Beach before Friday, April 15th, you’ll get 10% off your entire bill. Call 310-642-0533 or email [email protected] to book your date.

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