Go Greek Redefines Yogurt in Corona Del Mar

This is a guest post by Rachel Trotter.

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Go Greek in Corona Del Mar has opened!  I was recently invited in to come try it out.  This place has menu choices that run the gamut and is sure to have something for every palate!

Go Greek imports all of their Greek yogurt from Greece.  Batches are made and stored in terra cotta pots that are flown in to use in their recipes.  Not only is the yogurt as authentic as it can get, it comes in 0%, 2% and 10%.  You can’t find 10% in your grocery store!

Options at Go Greek go from mild to wild.  If you want to take the safe route, try the Kryo frozen yogurt.  Their Greek yogurt lends a tangy flavor and creaminess to each flavor, from Vanilla, to Mixed Berry and even Biscuit, which is a shortbread cookie flavor.  Since Go Greek focuses on freshness and health, toppings range from organic gummy bears to flaxseeds!

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can choose to have the yogurt fresh.  The yogurt is chilled and you can choose one of their gourmet Fresko dishes.  Options like the Althea has strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, goji berries, shaved dark chocolate and honey on top of their Greek yogurt.  Most of the options are of combination of a fresh fruit, nut and honey.  Of course, you can always get creative and build your own!

Here is where things get wild!  I never expected to go to a yogurt place and see a savory option.  I guess that is because, in America, we automatically think of yogurt being a sweet side rather than a savory main dish.  Here is your chance to get out of a comfort zone and try something new.  Go Greek has a menu of fresh savory yogurt options that will surprise you and your taste buds!  I tried the Dodoni bowl.  This began with a base of 10% yogurt, topped with Greek sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, crumbled Greek feta, cumin, fresh basil, Greek olive oil, sea salt, crushed black pepper and served with pita bread.

Each ingredient played a different role.  The yogurt at 10% is so creamy that is it nearly a cheese.  The sweetness of the sundries tomatoes, the saltiness of the feta, the richness of the olive oil, the slight bitterness of the pine nuts and the fresh basil all worked together to create a tastebud victory dance!  There are several other options in the savory category including Tzatziki, Greek salad, and Minos.  The options are limitless as you can always customize a bowl to your taste!

Thank you Greece for your tasty yogurt!  Now hurry and Go Greek!

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