Happy 40th Anniversary Avila’s El Ranchito Newport Beach!

Avila's El Ranchito

Last week EatDrinkoc.com was invited to celebrate Avila’s El Ranchito’s 40th anniversary with the Avila family and their closest friends. The Newport Beach location was established in 1975 in the heart of Newport Beach on the Balboa Peninsula.

Avila's El Ranchito Sergio

Sergio Avila is the owner of what is now the “International El Ranchito” because so many out-of-towners frequent there. The restaurant (including all of its locations) uses only Mama Avila’s recipes so it doesn’t matter which location you go to, you will always get the same great food and quality. We were introduced to all of Sergio’s children and many other family members: a lot of whom own a location in and around Southern California.


Avila's El Ranchito food

And of course we ate! El Ranchito happens to be one of my favorite mexican restaurants. There has not been one thing that I don’t like there. Everything the waiters brought around we tried. From home-made, always yummy guacamole to their famous Mama Avila’s soup we were stuffed but of course kept eating.

Avila's El Ranchito Bill and Sharon Burke

One of the highlights of our night was meeting Bill Burke and his wonderful wife Sharon. They have been going to Avila’s El Ranchito for years and were close friends with the family. Bill Burke happens to be the oldest American to summit Mount Everest and return alive.  Not only has he summited once but he has done it more than once! His last time summiting was in May 2014. Bill and Sharon were amazing to talk to. This definitely was the highlight of our night.

Avila's El Ranchito 40th

So Happy 40th Anniversary to the Newport Beach location of Avila’s El Ranchito and we raise our glass to you on many many more years to come! Thank you for including EatDrinkOC!

To find the Avila’s El Ranchito closest to you head on over to: www.avilaselranchito.com

To find out more about Bill Burke and his wonderful journey head on over to: www.eightsummits.com


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