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The thing I love most about San Diego is that it is culturally diverse. There is lots of tourism, plenty of shopping and no shortage of great restaurants. This past weekend we took my daughter to the San Diego Zoo for her birthday and on the way there we decided to stop by House House a Go Go for breakfast. I had heard remarkable things about their locations in Las Vegas so I wanted to try the one in Hillcrest.

House House Exterior

Hash House a Go Go is located in the middle of a neighborhood and the parking at this location is limited,  so be prepared for that. If possible, get a ride there and get dropped off to avoid the added stress of looking for parking. When we arrived there was a long line out the door which is always a good sign. No one seemed to mind the wait and I understood why once we sat down. The menu is big and has a lot of variety.

Hash House Food

hash_house_menu After what seemed like forever trying to decide I finally made a decision. I settled on the House Smoked Fresh Salmon hash while my husband chose the roasted chicken hash. I also jumped kindly said thank you to the offer of a Blood Orange Mimosa as my little ones were fighting over who could see spongebob on the TV. hash_house_mimosa After our waitress took our order I couldn’t help but notice that a gentleman at the table next to me had ordered a very intriguing dish. Of course I HAD to take a picture of it. The dish was called Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken Benedict w/ maple reduction, 2 eggs, bacon mashed potatoes & biscuit. It was rather large Ginormous and I was just imagining how big our entrees would be. hash_house_fried_chicken It turns out they were just as big and so were the kids meals. Here is my smoked salmon hash. hash_house_salmon My husband’s Roasted Chicken Hash was perfect for him. It was gluten-free (except for the biscuit) and packed with flavor. hash_house_chicken My son, who also eats gluten-free, ordered the corned beef hash and his was very delicious. The melted swiss cheese was a nice bonus and really added to the overall taste of this behemouth  monstrocity dish. hash_house_brisket Meanwhile, my 2 kids enjoyed their pancakes. One ordered regular pancakes that was served as a funny sad face and the other ordered blueberry pancakes. Both were fluffy and  served with powdered sugar and bacon. How could you not be happy with a breakfast like this? We were all very satisfied and cannot wait to go back again! hash_house_pancakes

Hash House a Go Go Locations

Hash House has 8 locations to serve you. California, Illinois, Connecticut, Florida and Nevada. For more information visit http://www.hashhouseagogo.com or visit them on twitter.

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