Nalu’s Hawaiian Fish Grill


Ever since we came back from Hawaii I have been craving a mixed plate. Thankfully Nalu’s Hawaiian Fish Grill hit just the spot.  This half steak, half chicken dish was big enough for me to share with my friend and we still had left overs. The macaroni salad is so fluffy and flavorful that any other mac salad you try in the future will leave you disappointed. The Asian slaw is so perfectly tangy and it even has a crunchy texture which I suspect is ramen noodles.

You can request white rice or brown rice, or if you don’t want rice you can substitute extra mac salad or the slaw in place of it. The servers are very friendly and the best part about this place is they have a Hawaiian shaved ice machine with the real powdery ice. Not like snow cone ice. We will definitely be back!

Nalu's Island Grill on Urbanspoon

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