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Fresh Quality Food at H.B. Pita Grill

Mediterranean food is something my family eats on a regular basis. In south Orange County there are a lot of Mediterranean restaurants and Aliso Viejo is inundated with them. We have already eaten at all of them and wanted to try something different. So last week we took a little jaunt up to Huntington Beach and tried a new place called Huntington Beach Pita Grill.

My first impression was really good.  It was clean, nicely decorated and smelled amazing inside. I ordered the gyro plate with chicken shwarma and salad and I was completely floored at the portion sizes. I was able to share this plate with 3 of my kids and there was still left overs. The meat was tender and heavily season in a good way and the saffron rice was the best I have ever had I am used to basmati rice but I much prefer this kind. The dressing on the salad was  tangy and flavorful and if they sold it in a bottle I would buy all of it!


Their Pita was also top-notch. It was thick and fluffy unlike other places where it is flat and thin. Scooping up hummus with this pita was a cinch as it was almost like using a spoon.


The last item we ordered was their chicken shwarma and it blew our minds.  I enjoyed how balanced it was and that the seasoning was not overpowering. I had just the right amount of flavors and was very tender. In my experience I have found that hard to do because often times shwarma gets overcooked and dry. We thoroughly enjoyed everything here and are looking forward to coming back.


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