Jinya Ramen

I have several love languages and Asian cuisine is one of them. So I am thrilled to share that JINYA Ramen Bar has opened up a new location in Tustin. Their ramen is pretty much the cream of the crop. They slowly simmer their broth for more than 20 hours with incredible flavors combinations resulting in a rich broth that is thick, full flavored and unforgettable.

I was super impressed with their service and the way they work in their kitchen. We sat at the counter which over looks the kitchen and all the chefs preparing the food. What I watched was precise coordination, communication and execution of all the dishes. They also follow COVID protocols, temp. check, social distancing etc. Staff wears masks and gloves. Wait staff also wears shields. 

When you walk in the first thing you will notice is their either the gorgeous mural on the wall or the full bar. Or perhaps the gorgeous light fixtures hanging from the cieling. There is so much to look at! They have TV’s, great lighting and comfortable seats. For seating they  have booths, table seating, bar seating and counter seating. I love that there are soft covers on the chairs too. There is a lot of chatter and you can hear the chefs chant “your order is ready” in Japanese once your order is up.

To order from the menu they provide you with a QR code and the menu will pop up on your phone. You don’t even have to touch a menu! They offer ramen, small plates, rice bowls, toppings, mini tacos, drinks, desert and kids meals. They even have a happy hour you can visit from 3:00PM – 5:00PM M-F
I brought my family with me so we started off with several small plates:
  • Edamame for my picky girl
  • Spicy Creamy Shrimp Tempura – crispy shrimp tempura tossed in JINYA’s original spicy mayonnaise done in the classic “ebi-mayo” style

  • Pork Gyoza
  • Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna – crispy grilled sushi rice topped with spicy tuna. garnished with sliced Serrano pepper

Everything was insanely delicious but the creamy shrimp tempura was my favorite! These dishes are large enough to share with someone. For main entrees I ordered the wonton chicken ramen and it was like having two meals in one. The dumplings were huge and there were so many noodles in the bowl i couldn’t even finish it all. Had to take some of it home. It is made with chicken broth, wonton, kikurage, green onion and  served with thin noodles for $14.50

My son ordered the Sprouting Up Ramen which came with pork and chicken broth,  pork chashu, kikurage, spicy bean sprouts, green onion, half seasoned egg, crispy brussels sprouts, black pepper and ginger and was served with thick noodles.

My Husband Ordered the JINYA Chicken Ramen which had chicken broth, chicken chashu, kikurage, green onion and fried onion and  served with thin noodles. They even have Vegan options!

Now lets talk about the kids meals. Jinya has the best kids meals I have seen in a super long time. There is only 1 option but it is packed with a bunch of different items. I have one of the pickiest kids I know and when I looked over to see if she started eating she was already done with her meal. She literally wolfed it down it was so good. It it a chicken ramen bowl with kikurage namul and corn, chicken chashu rice, crispy chicken, French fries, orange, candy and vanilla ice cream. She loved it and I appreciated that the ramen was kept simple.

Blogger Tip: Try to get to the bottom of your bowl because they each say “You’re such a ramentic”.
We had such a great experience and I can’t wait to go back and sit at the bar and have a drink and listen to the music!
For more information visit Jinya Ramen Bar on Facebook and Instagram

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