Kale Caesar Salad is a must have at Corner Bakery!

Kale Salad st Corner Bakery Storefront


At the Corner Bakery Cafe there is all kinds of delicious food.Not only do they have some of the best bakery items around but the rest of their food is fantastic. I have always gotten the greatest food at Corner Bakery. One thing that I have a hard time eating is Kale. I know it is SOOOO good for me and blah blah blah….but I have not really found a Kale dish (except for my friend Jackie’s Kale salad….that was really good) that I have liked. BUT NOW I HAVE FOUND A DELICIOUS ONE!!! And guess where I found it. 🙂



Kale Salad at Corner Bakery Kale Ceasar


I found it at Corner Bakery of course! So my daughter Rylle and I go to Corner Bakery a lot. We both love the food and the Sugar Cookies are the best Sugar Cookies I have ever had (sorry Grandma). Last week we decided to go have lunch there and lo and behold they had the NEW Kale Caesar Salad with Chicken. So I said to myself “SELF! You should try this new salad. There has never been a single thing you did not like at Corner Bakery so you might like it!” So guess what….I tried it. And guess what…..IT WAS GOOD!!! I paired it with their yummy Tomato Basil Soup and it was perfect!


Kale Salad at Corner Bakery Kids Meal


My daughter made sure I took a picture of her meal. She thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread. But seriously they have some of the best Mac N Cheese I have ever tasted. And believe me….I have kids so I have tasted a lot of Mac N Cheese!

So if you are like me and really want to like Kale but haven’t found that one dish, go on down to Corner Bakery and try theirs with chicken. It is super yummy and I felt good about eating it!

To check out more scrumptious things from Corner Bakery head on over to their website:: www.cornerbakerycafe.com


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