Korean BBQ Pizza and a new Salad at CPK


CPK is well known for good quality food and variety. I enjoy many of their pizza and salad options and I  recently had the chance to try out two of their new menu items – The Korean BBQ Pizza and the Spring Market Vegetable Salad.

Most people who have tried CPK’s pizza are aware that they often provide quite a different experience beside typical cheese and pepperoni pizza. The Korean BBQ pizza was no exception to their willingness to expand their guests’ options.

With ingredients like charred Korean barbecue pork, garlic,  ginger and a spicy Sriracha kimchee salad, pizza lovers are sure to appreciate this combination of unique flavors.

When you first bite into this pizza it has a little bit of a kick from the kimchee but the pork balances everything out .The crust was perfectly cooked with just the right amount of crisp.

korean pizza

Next I tried the spring market vegetable salad. This healthy option has Field greens, purple kale, green apples, red radishes, cider plumped raisins, spring peas and toasted pecans. It is served with house made honey Greek yogurt vinaigrette.


The mixture of lettuce and kale was nicely balanced and the toppings gave it a crisp finish. Together these two dishes left me feeling satisfied and healthy.

The best part was when they brought warm bread to the table with olive oil and parsley. I can’t wait to comeback here with the rest of my family.


Disclaimer: My tasting was complimentary for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.

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