Lasagna Bun Burger

lasagna bun burger

While this particular restaurant isn’t in OC or even in California I couldn’t help put put up a quick post about this unique burger.

I personally love a good lasagna. Truth be told when I am really desperate and don’t have time to cook one from scratch, I have been known to eat a Stouffer’s lasagna (shhhhh). But if you really must have lasagna at a moments notice PYT Burger and Bar in Phildelphia is offering a unique dish called the Lasagna Bun Burger. Two thick slices of deep-fried mozzarella & ricotta lasagna are your bun. Then you have a Meatball-seasoned juicy beef patty and it is topped with provolone and house made marinara. All that is served with Italian-Parm fries.

If Adam Richman has not yet tried this I am sure it will be on his list. For more information about PYT Burger and Bar visit

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