Quick Serve Restaurants Dive Headfirst Into Lent


During Lent,  there are more than 4.2 million Catholics in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and 1.2 million in Orange County, which will forego eating meat on Fridays and some abstain from eating meat for the entire 40-day period.

Fortunately Many restaurants in OC are catering to the dietary changes happening  during Lent.

Quick Serve Restaurant Offerings For Lent

  • Wienerschnitzel:  The world’s largest hot dog chain is making a big splash again with its “UnDER the Sea Trio” menu items. The Sea Dog, the Fish Wrap and Fish ‘n Chips. www.wienerschnitzel.com


  • Panda Express:  Panda Express, America’s favorite Chinese restaurant, is introducing Golden Szechuan Fish, made with 100 percent wild North Pacific Cod. In addition, Panda Express offers Honey Walnut Shrimp and steamed veggies as meatless dishes. www.pandaexpress.com.


  • Del Taco: Del Taco is now offering its crispy shrimp available in either a taco or burrito for a limited time. Guest-favorite Beer Battered Fish is also offered during Lent. www.deltaco.com.


  • Veggie Grill: One restaurant that thoroughly understands the needs of vegetarian diners is 100 percent plant-based Veggie Grill, the popular West Coast fast-casual concept that is committed to revolutionizing the way people think about vegetarian food.  Veggie Grill offers delicious vegetarian food year-round, and with so many meat-free options such as burgers, salads, bowls, home-style plates, it’s the ideal choice for those observing Lent or taking on a personal challenge. www.veggiegrill.com


  • Juice It Up!: For those who are looking to begin incorporating clean eating into their diets and jumpstart their metabolism, raw juice as a meal replacement is a great way to start slow for beginners. Timing is perfect during Lent if you’re already planning on giving up meat, you can replace one meal a day with a raw juice or smoothie, or enjoy as a snack, in order to kill two birds with one stone! www.juiceitup.com

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