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meat_house_outside Having a neighborhood butcher shop nearby is a really awesome thing. Especially if you like to grill. There is a place in Mission viejo called “TheMeat House” and it is a meat lovers paradise. Last week I attended a Media tasting there. If you saw the store from the outside, you might think it is a restaurant.  In fact, many people have!  The store manager, Kathy, told me that she has had men come in their business suits asking to be served a steak.  While it may not be a restaurant, you will not be disappointed.  This market is a foodie’s heaven!

Meat House Selection

Although it may say Meat House on the sign, there is much more available!  As you head inside you will see a wide variety of spices, sauces, beers, wines, produce, cheeses, and of course meat and seafood among other things.  I perused the aisles for a while like a kid in a candy store.  I eyed the gluten-free section, checked out the oils and vinegars and scoped out the cheese making kit.  Oh so much goodness in one place! meat house collage I love food, but Kathy and Matt from the Meat House LOVE food!  They have a passion for food, but not in a lets-eat-indulgent-food-just-because way.  They have a passion for food in that they care about where it came from and the health of the people who eat it.  Kathy proudly told me about how they are selling foods that are certified organic and responsibly sourced.  It’s also safe food.  While the supermarkets are quickly pulling tainted meat from shelves when there is a contamination, the Meat House has never had to recall any of their products!  They support small businesses that show pride in quality of their product. meat_house_inside Not only do they know good food at the Meat House, they make it!  I know, I already told you, it’s not a restaurant, but they do have 3 certified chefs there.  So if you are a person that loves good food, but is afraid to take a beautiful piece of meat and destroy it (that would be me!), fear not.  They will be able to tell you how to cook it up and make a fabulous dinner!  I actually watched as a customer was looking into the meat case and asked how to cook it.  The man behind the counter offered clear instructions for cooking up a great meal. Lucky for me, that night I got to taste their delicious food.  We started with a cheese platter with a variety of their cheeses that are available to be bought by the pound.  Among the creamy brie with raw honey and aged gouda was a cheese called Humboldt Fog.  This cheese is a bleu goat cheese with a line of vegetable ash made in Humboldt County and was a pleasant surprise.  For a person who usually avoids bleu cheese, I thought it was great!  Another favorite was a firmer cheese called Petite Basque.  This one reappeared later in our meal! Meat_House_Cheese_Plate Oh my goodness, this next dish is even better than it looks and yes, it looks beautiful too!  We were served strips of beef paired with chimi churri sauce atop a cheesy polenta along side a petite artichoke salad.  That delicious Petite Basque was used in making the polenta that is seriously amazing.  I was thinking this might be the first and last time I will ever eat this dish until they told me that these sides are available to purchase.  Even better, they are going to be starting up cooking classes!  Which mean I, the not-so-hot in the kitchen lady, can make this beautiful meal at home for my family.  Or I can gift those cooking lessons to my husband and he can make it.  I’m thinking option number two!


It was a pleasure to eat and tour the Meat House market in Mission Viejo!  The food was amazing, the store was inviting, the staff was friendly and knowledgable.  If you love food, good food, healthy food, tasty food, go there.  Talk with Kathy and Matt.  Ask them all the questions you would like and find the Meat House on Instagram and Facebook to find out about the latest happenings.  I went home one happy customer, shamelessly nibbling on a hunk of that Petite Basque that I just couldn’t leave without!  I’ll be back soon for more.  Hope to see you there! The Meat House is Located at: 23982 Alicia Pkwy Mission Viejo, CA. For more information visit

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