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Today the family and I stopped for a quick lunch at Mobtown Pizza in the Aliso Viejo Town Center. We found a close 30 minute parking spot and walked right up.  It is unbearably hot here in Orange County this week so we were hoping to get a quick  bite in a cool air conditioned restaurant. Unfortunately it was almost the same temperature inside as it was outside. I guess it is because they have huge ovens running for the pizza.

Anyway they have a pretty good sized menu with everything from pastas to calzones and prices were very reasonable. Mobtown is known for NY style pizza and they have some fun mobster stuff on the walls. My boys each got a huge slice of pizza  (one got stuffed crust) and my husband and I shared an antipasta salad and some spaghetti.


The salad was really fresh. They use field greens and not iceberg lettuce.  It had salami, ham, carrots, tomatoes, olives, and mozzarella cheese. The dressing comes on the side so you can dress it yourself. It is an Italian Vinaigrette


The spaghetti was really delicious. I was expecting it to be watery and soggy but instead it came out with a nice thick marinara sauce and a huge garlic twist. Yum! The twist was so pillowy and fluffy and I used it to wipe my plate clean. The sauce was pretty flavorful as well. I am looking forward to trying some more menu  items.

Mobtown Pizza is located at 26705 Aliso Creek Road in Aliso Viejo, CA.949-362-7555

For more information about their menu visit
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