Nuvino is a genious idea and a delicious wine!

Nuvino package

A few weeks ago I came across this package of wine in pouches. The company was Nuvino and there were 4 wines in the package from 4 different regions of the world. I immediately thought of boxed wine. Now I do have to say that I have partaken in the boxed wine and it’s pretty ok… a pinch. So I had no problem trying these out.


Nuvino One bag equals one glass

The one I got was the 4 pack that came with one serving of each wine. The wines were:

  • Sauvignon Blanc – Central Valley: Chile: 2013
  • Chardonnay – Cape Winelands: South Africa: 2013
  • Malbec – Maipu Mendoza: Argentina: 2013
  • Red Blend – Swan Hill: Australia: 2013

The other SUPER cool part is that they all come in single serving pouches. The pouches use PreservePak technology. This locks in and preserves all the nuances of the 4 distinct wines for up to 18 months while imparting no flavor of its own. The pouches are also resealable so if you don’t drink the whole thing you can re-seal it and use it the next night. And because it’s in a pouch you can take it anywhere! The beach, the pool, camping, the movies (hidden in your purse) anywhere that you can think of. No big clunky bottles!

Nuvino collage

So now you will ask how does it taste. I can tell you that I think they were all wonderful! They all tasted like wine you would buy in a regular bottle. MUCH better than a boxed wine. But I didn’t want you to take my word for it. I had my friend Jen try one. She loved how it was a perfect glass in one pouch. She thought it tasted amazing and was a perfect fit in your purse. Jen and I would definitely buy these again.

To find out more about Nuvino check them out here:

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