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Pizza Perfection at Pieology Pizza

One of my favorite dishes in the world is chicken alfredo. Alfredo sauce is so rich, creamy and smooth and it tastes amazing on pastas, seafood and even Pizza.

Pieology Pizza is now serving a 3-cheese alfredo sauce and this past weekend I tried it during a day trip with the kids after school. Their signature entree “Alfredo’s Alfredo” pizza features olive oil, three-cheese Alfredo sauce, parmesan, mozzarella, garlic, mushrooms, artichokes, fresh basil, grape tomatoes, and black pepper.  However, I customized mine to exactly how I like it with gluten-free crust and kalamata olives. Their gluten free crust is the best I have ever tasted. If you still prefer gluten but want a different crust try their new whole wheat crust.


I also had my two kids with me so I ordered them each a pizza as well. If you are wondering why there is corn on our other pizza it’s because my daughter is four year old and she decided she would like corn with her pepperoni. She doesn’t eat much but she ate 3 slices of this personal pizza, it was that good. I also thought the ratio of meat and cheese was perfect. Sometimes there is too much of one and not the other but Pieology nailed it.


My son ordered a bacon and meatball sandwich and it was absolutely delicious. The flavor of the meats really stood out because their crust is so thin you are able to taste all of the ingredients on your pizza.


Beginning Jan. 27, select Pieology restaurants will offer Daiya vegan mozzarella cheese, which pairs perfectly with the vegan gluten-free crust, to accommodate pizza fans with specific dietary requests.

We can wait to see what else Pieology comes up with!

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