RA Sushi in Tustin is Spectacular


RA Sushi Tustin

Nothing says happiness quite like sushi. I love trying new sushi restaurants in the area and last week I tried a new one for the first time called RA sushi.

Located in a beautiful outdoor venue in Tustin called “The District“, RA Sushi offers lively music, a vibrant crowd, inventive cocktails and the best sushi this side of Tokyo.  The interior design of this restaurant is stunning. It’s dim but lit with red lantern looking lights and candles on the tables.  It gives a sort of romantic ambiance but in a casual setting.


Recently the introduced a new winter menu and I had the chance to sample some of the feature items like creative appetizers, sushi rolls, entrees, and cocktails, and new sake.

The new cocktails are really beautiful and exotic. You can choose from:

  • The Blue Ginger Martini – A light and refreshing drink with a zing, featuring blueberry and ginger lemonade, blueberry vodka, and muddled blueberries and fresh ginger.
  •  Lychee Margarita, which perfectly combines sweet and tart with lychee juice and fresh lime.
  •   The Passion Punch Bowl – A fruity and refreshing drink featuring Amaretto Di Saronno, pineapple vodka, aged rum, passion fruit, pineapple and citrus juices, and coconut water, served in a giant fish bowl. This is a cocktail worth sharing!
  •  TY KU Coconut Sake – A premium Nigori sake imported from Nara


For appetizers try the, the Chili Garlic Shrimp. It is light yet crispy and has the pungeant flavor of chili.  Sautéed garlic, bok choy,  scallions, crunchy garlic chips and crispy ramen noodles give this dish an excellent crunch and unique flavor.


For rolls you have to sample the Red Heart Roll.  This georgeous masterpiece has crab mix, fresh avocado and cucumber rolled and topped with crispy spicy tuna, spicy mayo and Sriracha.  You will love the red hearts  created by the chef.


The new Crunchy Yami Roll is a delicious nontraditional sushi option featuring tempura sweet potato, cucumber and avocado, rolled and topped with crunchy shredded sweet potato and spinach tempura bits and served with sweet eel sauce.

crunchy yami roll 4
For a lighter selection without the rice try the King Crab Salad  tossed with mixed greens, large, tender chunks of king crab, ripe avocado, crunchy cucumber slices, and grape tomatoes, tossed in a Suehiro vinaigrette. What I loved the most about this salad was that the dressing was very light so the salad did not taste saturated, therefore I could enjoy the flavor of the crab and avocado.


For a decadent dish, try the Seared Ahi Tuna seasoned with togarashi and black pepper and served atop grilled asparagus, with a shiitake mushroom cream sauce. The ahi is so tender and I was easily able to eat it with my chopsticks , although that in itself is a sight to behold.


All six Southern California RA Sushi locations will be serving these new menu items from now through the end of April.  For more information visit RA Sushi on Facebook and on Twitter.

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