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Looking for a new lunch or dinner spot that serves seafood that is fresh, fast, and affordable? We have found your new home! San Pedro Fish Market Grill is based off of the Original San Pedro Fish Market in Ports O’ Call,  but is a fast casual dining experience for those that are short on time or don’t want to bother with the crowds.

Located on Sepulveda blvd. in the heart of Harbor City, San Pedro Fish Market Grill serves up plates, bowls, burritos and tacos. Size portions are hefty and you’ll probably need a to-go box. They also specialize in their world-famous shrimp tray. This monstrosity is served with a sea of shrimp, tasty bell peppers, onions, potatoes, tomatoes & their famous seafood seasoning! It’s a definite highlight and something not to be missed.


San Pedro Fish Market Grill is exceptionally clean and tries to bring the feel of the pier/port to Harbor City with the decor and the open air feel using windows and sliders. There are lots of pictures around the restaurant depicting the history behind it all.


I love ordering appetizers before a meal. It gets my palate warmed up and takes the edge off the hunger. I suggest trying the ceviche here. It is so flavorful and robust and they absolutely do not skimp on the seafood. You can select between fresh fish, or shrimp, or BOTH!  Onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, celery, cilantro, and jalapeno complete this delicious pre-meal appetizer. Let’s not forget the crispy tortilla rounds that come with it.

With all this chilly weather try a cup of their New England clam chowder.  It’s thick, rich and loaded with clams. I especially love how they serve it in a recycled bowl.


One of my favorite things to order at seafood restaurants is fish and chips. While typically made with cod, at San Pedro Fish Market grill you can choose the type of fish you want.  Pick from yellowtail, swordfish, barramundi, tilapia, salmon, or red snapper. On a recent visit we ordered the fish and chips made with swordfish. Served with crispy french fries and a tasty coleslaw this meal can definitely be split between two people. Next time I’d like to try it with tilapia.

Do you love lobster? Try the lobster grilled cheese sandwich. It’s served on two pieces of buttery sourdough bread and stuffed with chunks of tender lobster under gobs of melted cheese. This sandwich has quite an honorable cheese pull if you must try. It’s served with a side garden salad to keep things light and healthy!

Here is that glorious shrimp plater I mentioned earlier. they place a huge loaf of garlic bread on top of it and you can even use it to make a sandwich.  There is plenty of lemon to sweeze on top and the flavors are endless. You’ll need help with this platter so be sure to bring a friend or two.

Kids Meals

It’s a glorious thing when a restaurant has a kids menu. No one wants to pay full price for an entrée that the kids are only going to eat 2-3 bites of. At San Pedro Fish Market Grill kids can choose from popcorn shrimp, salmon or tilapia, cheese quesadilla or grilled cheese.


We had the most amazing rice crispy treat ever for dessert at SPFMG. It looked liked it was homemade from a local vendor but holy moly it was so good! They also have a cheesecake that you can choose from with a nice cookie crust. Both were totally worth the extra calories and really tied our meal all together.

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