Spaghettini has new dishes and old favorites!

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Last week Melodi and I attended a media event for Spaghettini in Seal Beach. They have just added a new chef named Scott Howard. We were there to sample the new dishes he has added to the menu and to tempt our taste buds with tried and true favorites.

Spaghettini Champagne and Fire

We were escorted to a beautiful patio complete with fireplace to start our evening. We were given a glass of Champagne and enjoyed a relaxing start to the evening.


Spaghettini Appetizers

While we were on the patio waiting for our table to be ready a few waiters came by with several different appetizers. They were all wonderful and delicious. My favorite was the Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta. Normally I do not like tomatoes but there was something about this dish that was fantastic! It was seasoned perfectly!

Spaghettini dining areas

Before being seated General Manager Kim Entringer took me on a tour of the restaurant. I used to come to Spaghettini as a kid and I hadn’t been there in several years. The place is much bigger than I remember and so beautiful! There is a large stage where several nights a week they have entertainment. They have a cozy enclosed patio and a boardroom perfect for a corporate dinner. Their general seating area is spacious and very classy.


Spaghettini first 2 courses

After I was done with the tour our table was ready. As we sat down our waitress Kat came over and introduced herself, got us some water and our first wine selection. Each course came with a tasting of a perfectly pared wine selection.  Kat was very attentive to our needs and was always there seeing if we needed anything. The first course we tried was Butter Poached Morels. This dish consisted of herbed soft polenta, prosciutto juice, morels (mushrooms) and parmegiano-reggiano foam. The polenta was smooth and the morels were cooked just right. The second course was Agnolotti which was a pasta with marscapone, yellow corn and parmegiano-reggiano. The pasta was al dente and the sauce was to die for! I highly recommend this pasta dish.

Spaghettini second 2 courses

Our third course was a Chilean Sea Bass on top of Yukon gold potato puree and a side of spring squash. This was by far my favorite dish of the whole night. The Sea Bass was the best Sea Bass I have ever eaten. Since going there I have actually dreamed of this dish! The 4th course was Braised Short Rib on top of a bed of risotto, black trumpets (mushrooms), baby carrots and jus. The short rib was so tender you didn’t need a knife to cut it. It literally melted in your mouth!

Spaghettini Dessert

Last but not least was dessert. It was Coconut Panna Cotta with cherries and citrus. The coconut wafer was crunchy and super yummy! I could have just eaten that and been satisfied! The cherries were very fresh and the Panna Cotta was cold and creamy. A great end to a delicious meal!

Spaghettini Chefs

At the end of the meal Owners Cary Hardwick (pictured above left) and Laurie Sisneros and General Manager Kim Entringer (pictured above next to Cary) came out and introduced us to the new Culinary Director: Chef Scott Howard and the Executive Chef: Chef Victor Avila. Chef Victor has been at Spaghettini’s for over 12 years. He started when he was 19 and now runs the kitchen! You could tell all of these people are passionate about what they do. It shows through out the restaurant and it definitely shows through the fantastic cuisine!

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