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Being the wife of a Marriott rewards member definitely has it’s perks.  We often stay in nice hotels when we go on vacation and the Marriott brand has never disappointed us. Recently, I had the opportunity to explore the newly remodeled and sophisticated  Irvine Marriott and I was really impressed.

The now nautical-themed first-floor spaces are sleeker and give the hotel a more modern ambiance.  There is lots of coral,  and blue hues throughout the hotel. The lobby is open and has a great flow to it and there was a lounge singer with a guitar for entertainment.


The Bar Area is very inviting. There are long tables with chairs that encourage you to co-mingle and get to know your neighbors. I loved the lighting and all of the TV’s on the wall. There was even a TV within one of the booths!

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Appetizers and Drinks At The Floe Lounge

On this particular evening we sampled some appetizers off of the “Quick Bites and Shareable” menu. I started off with an Infused Mango Martini which had ultimate vodka, Mango Schnapps and fresh Mango. It was sweet and delicious. They also had a Crop Organic Cucumber Vodka Martini that was fresh and crisp.

For nibbles we had Parmesan & Chile Kale Chips that were harvested from their outdoor herb wall. Awesome right? I couldn’t believe it either! Here is a picture of that awesome herb wall.

herb wall

We also had Summer Rolls that were rice paper filled with fresh local vegetables and served with a crushed peanut vinaigrette, lime, sweet chili sauce, peanut butter and peanuts. They were amazing.

Lastly I had the Margarita Shrimp Flatbread.- a savory grilled flat bread topped with grilled shrimp, Poblano Crema and mozzarella, finished with roasted corn relish. It was easily one of the best appetizers I have ever had.


Fresh Local Salads

For salads we enjoy two unique blends. The first one was an Heirloom Caprese. I absolutely love Heirloom tomatoes. Their colors are so beautiful and their flavor is so rich. It had a blend of fresh basil that once again came from their outdoor herb wall, Burrata Cheese and a drizzle of Olive Oil.

The next Salad was a Hydo-Boston Salad that had Hydro-Boston lettuce, fresh Fuji Apples and tossed with a white balsamic vinaigrette. The raspberries on it were the freshest raspberries I have ever had.


Casual Dining

Next up were our entrees. We tried three different items from the menu. The first item was a piece of Colorado rack of Lamb. I absolutely love meat and this lamb was so flavorful and seasoned to perfection. The chimichurri sauce was a great pairing.

The second item was a filet of honey glaze salmon. It was tender and  flakey the taste of marmalade melts in your mouth. The corn relish was amazing and blended so well with the melted butter.

Finally I tried my all time favorite – The Jumbo Lump Crab Cake. There is nothing artificial about this heavenly piece of shell-fish. It was crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. And the fresh Papaya and Maui Onions will send your taste buds into a tailspin.



At last , it was time for dessert! I think all meals should end in chocolate and lucky for me this one did. Executive Chef Adrian Hernandez  set up an amazing display of s’mores for us using cookies in the shapes of flip-flops.


I even got video of him using a blow torch to melt the marsh mellows.

It was served with smoked Chocolate from a jar and a aperitif of port.

After dinner I took a little walk around the property to check out some of the other amenities. From upstairs in the dining room  as well as from the patio you can see their relaxing pool area with lots of green trees and lush foliage. My favorite was  their over-sized Adirondack chairs and Large Chess Game.


There is also a beautiful seating area with vibrant blue pillows, a TV and some tables/ottomans. They even have blankets for you if you get cold!


Downstairs across from the pool there is an awesome game room perfect for kids or adults. With three ping-pong tables and a giant 12 person foosball table – you are sure to be thoroughly entertained here!


This place looks so much fun! I cannot wait to bring my husband back here for a date night or possibly an overnight staycation!


For more information visit Irvine Marriott on Facebook and on Twitter.

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