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Who doesn’t like a lunch date with a friend on a Monday? Today we visited Spicy City. Let me tell you, it was great food!! First of all, I was surprised to learn that it is a completely different restaurant than what was previously there. Spicy City has traditional Chinese food as well as a few of their own signature dishes. When they tell you it’s spicy, it IS spicy!!

When we walked in, we were first greeted by the large fish tank! It was nice looking at the fish. I am sure this would keep little ones busy for a while if you encountered any kind of a wait. We were greeted promptly at the front and showed to our seats immediately. The set-up is very open and there is a full bar in the back of the restaurant. There is plenty of booth and table seating. If you need a private area for a business meeting or party, there is a private area upstairs.

Spicy City Entrees


Ken was our waiter. He was very friendly and very informative about the menu. He explained the dishes to us and helped us make a decision on what to order.

The first thing to come out was Wonton Soup. It was a traditional soup with a great flavor. The wonton was perfectly cooked and the broth was the perfect temperature. As we were finishing up with the soup, our main dishes were coming out. We ordered a few different things, all of which were served “family style”.


Fried Rice in Yanzhou Style was the first dish. It was a Chinese style fried rice that had shrimp and the normal veggies like peas, corn, carrots and onions. It also is referred to as their House Rice as it is made with a special flavoring. Then, we had stewed vegetables. It came with baby corn, broccoli, water chestnuts, mushrooms, carrots, snap peas etc. It was stewed in a very light sauce and the vegetable were still a little crisp. It was a very nice dish with a perfect flavor. I, for one, love vegetables and this is a dish definitely worth ordering!! The sauce was a very light sauce and not overpowering. You can still taste the vegetables in the dish. Very well put together.


We then had Beef with Green Onion, Sczechaun Chicken and Orange Shrimp. The Beef with green onion was great!! The pieces of beef were nicely trimmed and were cooked to perfection. The flavor of the onion was not overwhelming. If you are not a fan of onions, you could easily eat the beef without an overwhelming taste of onion. However, if you enjoy eating your onions like I do, feast away on the white and green onions that are served with the beef and you will be pleasantly surprised!!


The Sczechuan Chicken definitely packed a spicy punch. Ken was nice enough to let us know that this dish IS spicy! As you can tell from the picture, there are plenty of red Sczechuan peppers!! I enjoy spicy food and this dish did not disappoint. However, if you like your food just slightly spicy, you just have to ask them to not make it so spicy. Spicy City is able to make any dish that is labeled as spicy “not so spicy”!


I saved my favorite for last, Orange Shrimp. I have to tell you, I typically would not order shrimp as a main portion to my meal. I like to eat shrimp, but typically not very much. The texture of it tends to turn me off after a couple bites. The orange shrimp at Spicy City is probably the best shrimp I have ever had. First, the texture of the shrimp was pleasantly smooth. Then, the orange flavor!! WOW, is the best way to describe it. I figured I would have a bite or two of the shrimp, since that is typical for me. However, I couldn’t stop eating this shrimp! The citrus flavor was so amazing and so refreshing. I highly recommend the Orange Shrimp.


This wouldn’t be a Chinese meal if we did not end with a fortune cookie. We always look forward to our fortune cookie at the end of the meal!

Spicy City offers a wide range of traditional Chinese food as well as American Chinese food. Whether you enjoy your food spicy or no spice at all, meat dishes or vegetarian, Spicy City will have what you want.

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