New Tropical Shrimp Offerings At Rubio’s


Let’s face it. It has been so hot the past few days that cooking is the last thing on my mind. Going out for lunch sounds way more fun plus I don’t have to clean up my kitchen. And Rubio’s happens to be pretty high on my list of favorite fast casual places to dine.

Sustainable Shrimp At Rubios

Rubio’s added two new entrees to their menu this week. A sustainable Tropical Shrimp burrito and a Shrimp Taco Plate. These new menu items are inspired by the flavors of the Yucatan region of Mexico and represent Rubio’s dedication to being a friend of the ocean and serving sustainable seafood whenever possible.

With the weather being so beautiful this weekend my family and I headed to the Laguna Niguel Rubios to have lunch outside on the patio. I have to say in the last several years Rubios has really broadened their imagination for new fresh Mex options and I really enjoy their selections.

I ordered the sustainable shrimp Burrito and my husband ordered the Shrimp plate. Both were served in warm flour tortillas and featured sustainable shrimp that had been marinated in a blend of ancho chiles, herbs, garlic, and olive oil. Both dishes were topped with pickled onions, a fruity mango-habanero salsa and a salsa that highlights flavors from the Yucatan such as achiote, garlic, cumin, orange juice and lime

The Tropical Shrimp Two Taco plate is served with tortilla chips (although we substituted with citrus rice) and “no-fried” pinto beans℠,  while the burrito comes complete with handmade guacamole, Mexican rice, black beans and crisp romaine lettuce.


My husband really enjoyed the shrimp plate. It was flavorful and light and the salsa really tied everything together. Even the presentation looked great. We were both drooling as I was taking the above picture.


My burrito was also really delicious. One of my favorite things about Rubio’s burritos is that everything stays in place when I bite into them. They must train the employees how to perfectly wrap them because I have never had a mess when eating one.

There were so many flavors going on in this Burrito that it would be difficult to describe each one. It was slightly moist which I enjoyed and the shrimp was nicely coated with sauce. The lettuce was crispy and not soggy and the rice was awesome. I love rice in my Burritos!

Guests are invited to visit Rubio’s today to try the new Tropical Shrimp burrito and taco offerings. Stay up-to-date on events and celebrations by visiting Rubio’s website: Guests can also join the conversation on Facebook at and Twitter at

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