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Gaufree Artisan Waffle Sandwiches

Dining at new restaurants is my absolute  favorite hobby. I Don’t need diamond rings, new clothes or flowers to make me happy. Just take me out to eat and I will be grinning from ear to ear! So when my husband suggested we try a place  last week that I had never been to in Irvine I got very excited. I am obsessed with reading menus before we go to a restaurant so when he told me it was Gaufree I immediately jumped online and had a look. I saw so many delicious things and knew exactly what I wanted even before we got there!


The interior is very simple and clean. It had a very European feel and reminded me a bit of Ikea. I loved how they had long benches at the tables because as a family of 5 it is always difficult to find the right table since most are made for 4.

The guy behind the counter taking our order was very helpful. Although I knew what I wanted I asked him what his suggestions were. He gave me some great points and various alternatives for my husband and son  since they eat Gluten Free.

The First thing we ordered were drinks. My son ordered the Artisan Boylan root beer and my husband got the iced tea. Both were refreshing and light!



I ordered the pulled pork with coleslaw on a waffle. It was pure heaven. The meat was season really well and the coleslaw was not  smothered in mayonnaise. The Waffle added the perfect crunch to it.


My middle son ordered a ham and cheese melt. At first he was a bit taken a back at the fact that it would be served in between a waffle. However after he tried his first bite he exclaimed “This is sooo good” It was also served with a Garlic Aioli sauce and I tried it with the fries and it was awesome!.


My oldest son ordered a hamburger with grilled onions on a Gluten Free Waffle. He too enjoyed his meal and said he couldn’t even tell that the waffle was Gluten-Free. He said the taste and texture were no different from my waffle which was non GF.


Lastly, my husband ordered a seared Ahi Lettuce wrap. Wow, this one was probably my favorite. It was healthy, delicious and the avocado made it a home run.

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Even though we were full we still wanted to order dessert. So, we got a Nutella waffle with nutella, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and powdered sugar. While this was a nice dessert I think it would have tasted better had the waffle been warm and toasty. Our waffle was cold and soggy.


My husband ordered a gluten-free waffle with salted caramel chip ice cream and sea salt caramel drizzled on top. Best dessert I have had in years! I give it an A+


Now, while the food was good I do have to say the service was extremely slow and there was hardly anyone in the restaurant. However, they did check on us and apologized several times for the wait so I have to give props for that. We will definitely be back, I just hope next time it will be a quicker experience.

Gaufree  Artisan Waffle Sandwiches is located at

3851-A Alton Parkway
Irvine, CA 92606
(949) 222-5622



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