Stax Cookie Bar



Stax Cookie Bar

A new cookie bar has arrived in Irvine and they specialize in hand-made custom ice cream sandwiches.  This weekend I was invited to check out the flagship store for Stax Cookie Bar in Irvine.

You may have heard of a little place in LA that rhymes with Fiddy Geese. Yes, you all know what I am talking about. It’s good, but it’s an hour away on a good day and it’s variety pales in comparison to Stax!

Stax offers a rotating variety of a dozen flavors of cookies and ice creams, but wait, it doesn’t stop there. They do have the typical cookies like Chocolate Chip, but they also have totally unique flavors like Root Beer Float and Chai Tea! They also carry gluten free and even vegan cookies.



They also bring in the best for their ice cream. Stax carries Fosselman’s premium ice cream. I’m an ice cream connoisseur and it was amazing! Creamy and flavorful and very indulgent! The unique flavors extend to the ice creams as well. They do have Chocolate and Mint Chip and along side Black Licorice and Taro!


So how to you make cookies and ice cream better? You put them together into a custom ice cream sandwich! I took my favorite little taste tester along with me and she chose the chocolate Chip Cookie, M&M cookie and Mint Chip ice cream. I think she liked it!

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I got the gluten free Chocolate Chip with Dutch Chocolate ice cream. It was delish! The ice cream was the perfect consistency between the cookies. By the way, they nailed it with the gluten free cookies! Gluten free is hard to do right and they did it!


Not in the mood for a cookie sandwich? Stax also makes brownies, shakes, coffee and more. Two specialties include the Affogato, which is basically an espresso float, and the Smookie, which is a hot gooey cookie topped with ice cream and hot fudge!


You will not find anything else like this in Orange County! Stax has the variety to please anyone and everyone! Go check it out because the OC just got a little sweeter!

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