2 Reasons you should head to Farrell’s This October

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Having a birthday isn’t the only reason to visit Farrell’s. Aside from the fun atmosphere and the fun candy store, throughout the month of October Farrell’s is serving up some ridiculously fun food for your Halloween delight!

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The first item is called a Frank ‘N’ Burger . It is made with  a 1/2 lb fresh Angus patty, 2 beef franks, 2 strips of bacon, a fried egg, American cheese, onion strings, jalapeños, Farrell’s sauce and a Jacobs Ladder (pickle) on top!

Talk about a monstrosity. This beast is big enough to feed 2 people. Not only is this burger packed with protein but it has delicious onion strings on top giving it a crunchy texture. It it held up really well too. It did not fall apart when you try to pick it up.


Inside The Frank ‘N’ Burger.

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Reason number 2 why you should visit Farrell’s is the Sundae of the dead. This sundae includes 3 scoops of chocolate “haunted” crunch and vanilla ice cream buried under oozing strawberry goo, hot “sludge”, with gummy worms squirming through a mound of whipped mud and Oreo dirt that tastes like the best chocolate mousse you have ever tasted Bonus:  A big cherry on top!

All three of my kids shared this (I even had a few bites) and we couldn’t stop raving about it.

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So head on over to Farrell’s this month and get your hands on these two delicious menu items. You won’t be sorry.

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