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The Melt Irvine Spectrum

Last week I tried out a new restaurant in the Irvine Spectrum called “The Melt“. This trendy little restaurant specializes in grilled cheese happiness. It is fast casual and the eatery combines chef-inspired, all-natural, wholesome food with innovative online ordering technology in an eco-friendly environment.

The interior is clean and bright and the menu was very easy to read.


The Melt has many beverages to choose from. One thing that caught my eye was that they serve Izze sparkling fruit juice. I have not seen that brand very often and I thoroughly enjoy it. They also make their own soda syrups, made from cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.  The root beer was especially refreshing and had more vanilla flavor than the national brands.

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I started my meal off with a field green salad and a cup of tomato soup. The salad was amazing and had goat cheese, fresh apples, sunflower seeds and a white balsamic vinaigrette. I highly recommend this.


Then I moved onto a simple grilled cheese sandwich. The bread had a nice crisp to it and the cheese was gooey. I love pickles so I was very happy to see that they are included with  the sandwiches.

My friend Erin ordered the “Italian Job”  which included Fontina and Provolone cheese on spicy garlic bread. She raved about her sandwich and said it was unique.

Our kids both ordered a traditional grilled cheese sandwich as well and we were so enamored by the packing it came in. They are cardboard package they come in is so cute! Plus they come with sliced apples instead of french fries which makes this mom happy!

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We topped off our meal with a decadent dessert called a s’more melt. Chocolate and Marshmallow are grilled together on sourdough bread and combined for a sinful dessert you won’t forget. Next time I am ordering this first!


For more information about the Melt please visit them on Facebook and on Twitter.

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