Tamarind Of London New Year’s Eve Menu



Special New Year’s Eve Menu at Tamarind Of London

Tamarind of London has a special three-course prix fixe menu the night of Wednesday, Dec. 31 from 5:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Recently, I was invited to sample the menu and was delighted at the quality and diverse selections.

To start, we had a plate of lentil chips with a few chutney sauces: sun-dried tomato, ginger, and pesto.  All were very nice to pair with their tasty signature drink, the Tower of London.  The drink had a smooth and mild flavor, so don’t fear the gin.



For our first course, we had the selection of two assorted platters.  These contained the malai chicken, garlic shrimp, spinach kebab, and grilled organic quinoa:


The other version was all vegetarian, with a delicious potato croquets (including aloo tikki) instead of the chicken and shrimp.  We enjoyed all of them, and the vegetarian dishes were quite delicious:


For our main course, we were fortunate to sample several, including the lentils (not from the New Years’ menu) and butter paneer:


The other amazing non-vegetarian dishes included the Bihari steak (slightly spicy), chicken Vindaloo (spicy and creamy), lamb curry (smoky and flavorful), and Atlantic salmon (mild, and crispy on the outside):




The variety was outstanding, with so many full flavors and textures:


With little room left, we decided dessert would be a necessary treat.  So we selected the chocolate samosas and Gulab Jamun (syrup soaked fritter with house made pistachio nut and cardamom kulfi).   The chef now has a special dessert selection on the latest New Year’s menu, but I can confirm that the pastry offerings here are as exciting as the rest of the meal.


Aside from a beautiful setting with excellent service, Tamarind of London is an easy choice for a special way to celebrate the New Year.  Try it for New Year’s, or anytime when craving a top-quality Indian meal.

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