The Return of Krispy Skremes Are Back


Are you planning on hosting a Halloween Party this year? Or do you just want to put a smile on your kids face  first thing in the morning?  Krsipy Kremes has the perfect thing to make  both of those a success! 

Krispy Skremes! from Krispy Kremes are back and your guests will be thrilled with the ghostly good looks and spooktacular taste of the Jack-o-Lantern, Spider Web, and Halloween Sprinkles doughnuts.  Hurry though, these doughnuts vanish on October 31st.


The Following are offerd at your nearest Krispy Kreme:

  • Jack-o-Lantern Doughnut: A pumpkin-shaped doughnut wearing a mask of orange icing and a jack-o-lantern face.
  • Chocolate Iced with Halloween Sprinkles Doughnut: A festive orange and black sprinkled doughnut.
  • Spider Web Doughnut: A chocolate-iced doughnut with Kreme™ filling caught in a tasty web of white icing.

Connect with Krispy Kreme at,, Facebook, foursquare and Twitter, and KrispyKremeDoughnuts on YouTube.    


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