Troll Inspired Flavors at Yogurtland


If you don’t know who Poppy is yet, then you need to get yourself to the theater and see the movie Trolls! It is such a fun family movie with great music, great animation and a sweet message!

If you don’t have time for a movie, you can also head over to Yogurtland and try their new Troll inspired flavors that are available now through December 21st.

They also have a  new fun topping : Milk Chocolate Mini Twist Pretzels and they are offering two limited edition, collectible spoons.


Lucky Charms are the best topping ever! Don’t they compliment Poppy so well?


What are the Trolls Flavors?

  • Poppy’s White Chocolate Raspberry
  • Branch’s Peanut Butter Caramel
  • DJ Suki’s Cranberry Raspberry Tart
  • Cooper’s Caramel Apple
  • King Peppy’s Chocolate Covered Pretzel
  • Guy Diamond’s White Chocolate Peppermint
  • Creek’s Butterscotch Pudding Gelato
  • Smidge’s Cinnamon Donut Holes
  • Biggie’s Frosted Cookie
  • Satin and Chenille’s Blueberry Mangosteen Tart

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