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Eating a healthy, balanced diet provides nutrients to your body. Over the last few years healthier food choices have become more available and there are delicious restaurant options like True Foods Kitchen that provide  a wide, healthy selection of vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free options.

True Food Kitchen recently debuted several dishes that incorporate the best bounty of the season

  • Roasted Vegetable Ingredient Salad: Brussels Sprout, Cauliflower, Squash, Mulberry, White Bean, Pomegranate & Horseradish Vinaigrette
  • Sustainable Seared Scallops: Freekeh, Mushroom, Carrot & Spicy Mole
  • Moroccan Chicken: Chickpea, Fig, Olive, Spinach & Chermoula
  • Super Berry Tart Dessert: Sea Buckthorn Berry, Coconut Whipped Cream & Pomegranate
  • Grapefruit Mojito: Crusoe White Rum, VeeV Açai, Mint & Grapefruit

Suzie’s Farm Cooking Demo-March 4

Stop into True Foods Kitchen for an exciting cooking Demo from Suszie’s Farm. True Food Kitchen Brand Chef Arik Markus and Regional Executive Chef Nathan Coulon will demonstrate how fresh, beautiful and delicious fruits and vegetables can shine as the stars of a plate, providing a healthy and complete meal that is just as satisfying (if not more so) as a dish centered around meat or starchy carbs. A representative from Suzie’s Farm will share tips on the best way to find local ingredients to use at home or enjoy while eating out at local restaurants. Meanwhile, guests of the cooking demonstration will delight in the results of their newly harvested knowledge while enjoying a four-course meal.

Demo Cost

The cooking demonstration and dinner starts at $45 per person, with the option of wine pairings available for an additional $15. Guests are encouraged to book their seat soon, as the premiere cooking demonstration in the series sold out quickly.


As a reminder, each class in this new series will be tailored to a specific theme and will feature a local community partner specialized in the topic of the class. Classes will expand beyond simple food preparation and dive into cooking for a greater purpose, whether it be eating for your blood type or creating healthy but delicious kids’ meals, for example. 


OC Restaurant Week – March 1-7, 2015

OC Restaurant Week goers are in for a treat, as True Food Kitchen will offer a chance to experience tasty and healthy menu items at affordable prices, with a three-course dinner menu for $30, and a two-course lunch menu at $20. The OCRW lunch and dinner menus will kick off with a natural refreshment from True Food Kitchen’s fresh-pressed juice bar, before offering a mix of True Food Kitchen classics like the Tuscan Kale Salad and delicious pizzas, and newer items such as the Seared Spicy Tuna Wrap for lunch or the Red Chile Shrimp entree with dinner. I’ve included the current OCRW menu below for your reference.

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