Try a “Smashburger” on National Burger Day

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National Burger Day

This coming Wednesday, May 28th is National Burger Day!!! A day to celebrate the glorious Hamburger. So in honor of this delicious, meaty delight head over to your local  “Smashburger” and try one of their various 100% certified Angus Beef burgers OR make your own creation.  The brand is known for handcrafted burgers that undergo the unique ‘smashing’ technique which locks in flavor for a fresh and never frozen burger .

Yesterday I took visited one near my home as I had a coupon for a complimentary entree and decided to try out the Bacon Club Hamburger. I was really pleased with the appearance of my meal. Sometimes your order something and it looks awesome in the photo and then you get it and you are disappointed. But not at Smashburger. What you see is what you get!


Look how yummy the bacon looks. It was crispy and not burnt and they give you 4 pieces. Not, 2 but 4.


And look how fresh the avocado and the tomato is! I love it when tomatoes are sliced thin. My taste buds were totally watering.


Next up were the Smashfries. Wow, these are so tasty. They have rosemary, garlic, sea salt and oil and they don’t even need ketchup. They are perfect just like they are.

BLOGGER TIP: Try the onion rings too. They are shoestring onion rings and they are served with a side of sauce. Amazing!


For those of you that don’t eat meat don’t worry,  Smashburger has lots of vegetarian options too!  There are 5 salads you can choose from.  I actually had a side garden salad that was delicious and filling. It also had shredded cheese in it too as a plus!


I have also previously tried the spinach, cucumber and goat cheese burger and I have to say that one is my all time favorite! Their chicken is also very good and tastes even better with a hand spun shake. Choose from Oreo, Nutter Butter,  Butterfinger and Salted Carmel.

I am getting hungry again just trying this out. Who wants to go to Smashburger with me?

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