Wienerschnitzel Introduces Ultimate Chili Cheese Fries

Once in a very blue moon I will get the urge to eat Chili Cheese fries. It does not happen often but when it does It’s usually around midnight and I will find myself driving to the nearest drive-thru window to get some..

Fortunately for me I just found out that Wienerschnitzel has makeover  their world-famous Chili Cheese Fries.. Now their epic Chili Cheese fries come in two bold new flavors at participating locations.

Wienerschnitzel pastrami chili cheese friesPastrami Chili Cheese Fries

These fries come Piled high with Wienerschnitzel’s secret-recipe chili and freshly grated cheese, then topped with signature pastrami, pickles and a mustard drizzle. These meaty fries take a Der classic to a whole new level.

Wienerschnitzel bacon ranch chili cheese fries.Bacon Ranch Chili Cheese Fries

These wet and delicious Fries are  smothered with creamy ranch and crispy bacon bits which  makes this new menu item a must-try for those looking to experience something new.

Hurry in to your nearest Wienerschnitzel because these Ultimate Chili Cheese Fries are only around for limited time. Upgrade to curly fries for 40¢!

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