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Summer is over and Fall is here which means warm family dinners. Being that I am a busy mom of 3 I like to make dinners that are easy yet healthy. Recently I introduced my 11 year old to Salmon and now he cannot get enough of it. He is eating sushi, lox and cream cheese, salmon spread, pretty much anything that has Salmon in it..

This past week I was introduced to a brand called Sea Cuisine that has a large variety of frozen seafood entrees, and I was excited to see that Salmon was one of them. With so many choices my mind was going crazy with the endless dinner options I was coming up with.

Sea Cuisine has over 14 different choices of seafood to pick from such as Potato Crusted Cod,  Beer Battered Tilapia, Mediterranean Crusted Salmon, and much much more.


Over the summer, Sea Cuisine toured with Stefan Richter – Bravo TV’s Top Chef finalist – to create delicious recipes. “As a chef working 16 hours a day, it is great to know I can come home after a long day and cook any one of my favorite Sea Cuisine products, and, with a few simple ingredients from my pantry  have a quick and delicious seafood meal in minutes.” said Chef Richter

Using products like Sea Cuisine’s Potato Crusted Cod and Tortilla Crusted Tilapia, Stefan developed a Potato Crusted Cod over Ragout and a California-style fish taco that can be easily recreated at home any night of the week.

To find these recipes and more, visit

Find out what inspires Stefan to cook by checking out these videos:

Sea Cuisine products can be found at Ralphs and Pavilions in the OC area. For a full list of retail locations, click here:

You can also download a coupon for $1.00 off any Sea Cuisine product and enter to win a dinner for two with Stefan at his world-famous restaurant L.A. Farm in Santa Monica.

TOP CHEF -- Pictured: Stefan Richter -- Bravo Photo: Michael Lavine

For ambitious cooks, visit  to search nearly 1,000 recipes by type of fish or cuisines like Asian, Caribbean, and Creole. The website also includes tips and techniques for cooking, along with articles and photos from popular seafood spots like the Mediterranean and Mexico, which will inspire you.

For additional seafood inspiration, follow Sea Cuisine on, and connect at and

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