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With 3 kids I often feel like I run to the market nearly every single day. And, since I have a little one I always have to take her with me. As much as I love her, all of us moms know that it is so much easier running errands by yourself. However,  my life just got a whole lot easier.

Last week I was asked to try a sample of a local home delivery company that delivers locally-grown, locally-produced foods right to your doorstep. It’s called Winder Farms. This delivery service will save you time, money and gas and all of the products are natural. All of the produce is locally sourced from Tanaka Farms and the milk and juices are from Rockview Farms. It is practically like having a farmers market on wheels! Product selections include:

  • all-natural dairy items, eggs and cheese
  • fresh fruits and vegetables
  • salads
  • meats
  • freshly made pasta
  • fresh baked breads
  • dinner entrées and much more.


When my delivery came to my door it was all nicely packaged. The meats, eggs, juice,  pasta etc… all came in huge cooler bags with zippers that collapse and the produce and fruit came in a cardboard box. Everything was still nice and chilled when I took it out of the bags. Speaking of the bags, these are like the most awesome cooler bags you will ever come across. I have never seen such a high quality, sturdy bag with handles. There are so many uses for them


One of the cooler bags contained milk, chocolate milk, orange juice (which by the way was the freshest and non acidic orange juice I have ever had) a block of cheese, eggs, and home made cookies with all natural ingredients.


The other bag contained a package of Jalepeno bratwurst, cheese raviolis, applewood smoked bacon (it was super thick and delicious because there are no nitrates in it) a bag of  mushrooms and a package of premium ribeye steak.. We had a BBQ that night and grilled the steak and the bratwurst. Everything turned out delicious. We didn’t even have to marinate the meats. Just a little bit of seasoning and it was perfect! The raviolis were also nice. They were fluffy little pillows stuffed with cheese and my kids gobbled them right up.


In the cardboard box was all the produce and fruit. Everything was bright green and healthy looking. There was  chard, carrots that were pulled straight from the ground,  a huge stalk of celery, bright red radishes, green leaf lettuce, a full head of cabbage, parsley,  a bunch of broccoli, and a box of plump red tomatoes. For fruits there was crispy Fuji apples and juicy naval oranges.


Look at how bright all of the produce and veggies look!


While the kids were at school I decided to get their after school snack ready.I made apple/orange slices, carrots and celery sticks. I  even used some of the produce as a halftime snack for my son’s soccer game the next day.


Since I was making their snack, I decided to sneak in one of my own. Chocolate chip cookies and milk.These cookies were so good. You could taste  the brown sugar and vanilla in them. They are made in a home kitchen by “The Cookie Lady Shop”.


A few days later I used the bacon to make myself a BLT sandwich. It cooked very evenly and had a nice smokey flavor to it. I just love crispy bacon and this did not disappoint.


And I used the lettuce and tomato from my delivery to top it off. The tomatoes were firm enough to cut yet juicy and ripe in flavor.


Here is a picture of the night my husband made the steak. It was tender and flavorful and it did not take long to cook. All he did was season it with steak seasoning. The key to cooking good meat is to let it get to room temperature before cooking it so it is not resistant to heat. Then let it rest after it is off the grill.

so it’s not resistant to heat. Let it rest after it’s off the grill. – See more at:


We still have a lot of food that we haven’t gotten to yet, but I won’t have to go to the store until next week and I love that . The goal at  Winder Farms is to simplify life for busy Orange County parents who care about feeding their families natural and nutritious foods. All you have to do is sign up with Winder Farms, order online, and open your front door in the morning to a Winder Farms cooler bag filled with farmer’s market quality fresh foods, It’s that easy.

So have I convinced you to sign up yet?  You should be drooling by now. If you are on the fence you should know that first time customers will receive a $30 Winder Farms account credit. ***Discount will not appear in your cart. You will not be charged until after you receive your first order and at that point you will see the discount applied. Just click on this link to sign up.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary delivery sample from Winder Farms to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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