Winder Farms Recipe Contest – Winner To Receive A Cuisinart

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You have seen several posts from Erin and I in the past few months about an awesome home grocery delivery company called Winder Farms. Well, today they launched their 2014 Recipe Contest, hosted on Facebook (                                                                                       

Winder Farms Recipe Contest

Everyone is invited to “like” the Winder Farms Facebook page and submit their most loved recipe made from their favorite Winder Farms’ products. On March 4, Winder Farms will choose its top five recipes and open the polls for consumers to vote on their top pick. The recipe with the most votes will be crowned the winner on March 11.

The best part of it is that the first-place winner will receive a Cuisinart®Food Processor and a $100 Winder Farms gift card. Second and third place winners will collect a $50 and $25 Winder Farms gift card respectively.

To learn more about the 2014 Recipe Contest or to submit your recipe, please visit For more information about Winder Farms, its home grocery delivery service, or its high-quality products, please visit

One thought on “Winder Farms Recipe Contest – Winner To Receive A Cuisinart

  • March 18, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    WINDER FARMS IS THE BIGGEST RIP-OFF EVER!! This is my PSA RANT for the day. I am still just utterly aggravated with their service beyond words. I sent them an email out of frustration after trying to place my very first order. They called me and left me a message saying that it sounded like I wanted to cancel membership, however I wasn’t allowed to do that via email. (Which I wasn’t) Then they cancelled my membership and charged me an early cancellation fee. Mind you, I had not even made 1 order yet. Then they delivered me products I did not order… I called and complained… They apologized and said that I wouldn’t have any deliveries until 3/31. **Then, they charged me for not returning the bottles and ice packets…which were in my garage…because I was told my “next delivery” wasn’t until 3/31… So why, oh why, would I leave these items sitting on my doorstep for 3 weeks???
    I just spoke to a “Sammy” who told me ‘her hands were tied’ and she really
    couldn’t help me… (So, I’ve received 2 deliveries I didn’t actually order… And somehow that’s all my fault, apparently.) Then, I spoke to a “Jamie” after, and you could actually hear the disdain in his voice. Customer Service is terrible. OMG… Seriously… This was a 3 week fiasco. And I’m out $50 to cancel a service that I thought was a “trial-period”. What a crock!!!!
    RIP OFFFFFGG!!!!!!!! $$$+ aggravation for 3 weeks of a run around!!


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